Ongoing Professional Projects
Online SitesDescription
Discover MelodyOnline Music Tutoring, live video stream. WordPress Customization. Platform: Azure, Visual Studio/C# .NET. Template Sample: TEMPLATE & TOKBOX implementation
New York General ConsultingESL School, Site developed from scratch with features such as gallery, translations, etc. Ongoing maintenance & upgrades: PHP, JQUERY, CSS, ANGULARJS, MySQL

Past Professional Projects
*.zip DownloadDescription
FXCMPerl, applets to retrieve currency information from Reuters Server
iritbaniel.comHeavy usage of Javascript/JQuery
cccny.orgWeb/programming for a church. Programming is done in PHP for automated periodic verse quotes development for a school. JQuery, Javascript, AngularJS, AJAX/XML. Heavy implementation of PHP/MySQL for gallery page
YWCABrooklynBasic web construction for a non-profit organization
Class Scheduler sample in a java project I've developed for a small school. It's a basic class registration prototype module that I wrote in a day for a team to be further build upon. This prototype does:
1. Provide GUI interface (registration, login, class list)
2. runs on Java Database (JDBC)
3. Provide restrictions for class registrations (max classes allowed & schedule conflicts) and issues warning in GUI.

Fun Projects
Keller Tracker Heroku/Github project: Tracks some thing using the crowd volunteers. In this case, it tracks a pastor, Tim Keller, as to where and when he preaches at Redeemer. Using PHP/MySQL as backend, and cool frontend incentives with JS frameworks, the goal of this project is to apply similar principle in other more useful areas, such as sharing parking lots availability, etc. which could easily go mobile.
15-puzzle The famous 15-puzzle game that needs no introduction (otherwise, google knows, with a bit of interesting history too invovling prize money). The purpose of this project is to develop skills such as JQUERY, AngularJS, A.I., etc. With a focus on JQUERY extensively.