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11/1/2023 Passive Income (Indie hackers) projects are fun, creative and motivating. Though I have not done anything about this myself, I've come across many stories about them (indie hackers, one-person startups, personal life's stories). This site learns from successful folks like Pieter Levels, Tony Dihn, Jon Yongfook.

10/25/2023 JBL TUNE120TWS Earbuds disassembly. Only video I found that went through the entire process to replace the battery (when battery life is shortened):

Battery type is allegedly: ICR 1454

10/24/2023 SEO Basics.

10/23/2023 Baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials/Gen Y, GenZ, what do they all mean? Here's a nice chart from LinkedIn explaining them (I guess I am considered LATE Gen X, I do find people in my age group interestingly rare):

10/19/2023 On Pastoral succession: This came across my mind before, particularly from Laura Lin's case: What does it mean to succeed a failed pastor? Succession of the former pastor does not impute sins of the former to the latter. Which is what many Christians naturally fail to see. However, what the former did to the church does influence the later: Is the new pastor succeeding a failed church, having to start from scratch (from zero), or continuing what is already great of the church. The one who discerns this will be on the path to victory.

animated gif made by A.I.: just type in description and it will generate animated gif for you to share. Not bad, not the best, doable.

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