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I dreamt that Nana Passed

This morning I woke up sort of crying. I had dreamt that my dear nana (fell sick I think, as I couldn't remember exactly the cause of death, and) eventually passed away. I believe our bedroom resembled that which we … Continue reading

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Christian Origin in Korea

Though there are other earlier accounts, the one I remembered most and have now found the detail, is the story about how foreigners carrying loads of bibles were killed and that the bibles were used as wallpapers in Korean homes, … Continue reading

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Timothy Keller passed at 72 from Pancreatic Cancer this morning

With many posts on Facebook of this news, especially reading from those Christians who love criticizing reformed position, particularly on predestination and gender issue, I thought to myself: To achieve greatness, to be known, which although is not the goal, … Continue reading

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Side Income from a developer's perspective, and a programmer's must read today

Today's TLDR newsletter: A thorough article by Sasidhar Gadepalli on the subject. I pasted the entire article in comment in case the link gets broken. It's valuable as it gives example sites and services to deal with the gigs mentioned. … Continue reading

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A quick view on Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode

It's interesting how its sensor looked for nearby cars.

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Cigarette effects on Lung: Simplest experiment

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On Durians

So I didn't really get a chance to taste durians during my recent home trip, but here's an article on differentiating different kinds of durians: TYPES OF DURIANS I AM CRAZY ABOUT Different people crave different varieties of durians. However, … Continue reading

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Is Drinking too much water bad?

Yes, a doctor died from this: Death of Dr. Cynthia Lucero in 2002 Boston Marathon. Apparently there had been debates on this since the late 80s where there were official guidelines in the US promoting drinking water during sports, interestingly … Continue reading

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Chinese Puzzle: 曹操的步步驚心

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Infinite Canvas

To create timeline charts that can zoom into more detail and more timeframes, virtually infinitely, is to use none other than an infinite canvas app or site or javascript/html5. Apparently Concepts is a good app for this that should work … Continue reading

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