I think two brothers cheated me at a hawker center - in my Dream

This Morning, I was awaken from a strange dream:

I went to this hawker center (in U.S. I think) rather excited because it looks like Penang's hawker center. Two brothers sat at to share my table. I ordered from two stalls: fried noodle (which never really came) and from another stall some pork belly (which did came but wasn't really the right organ, pork intestine maybe?). I think the way the center operated was eat first, pay later (typical American system, influence of tipping culture).

I remember seeing the two brothers who came later than me, got theirs and eating two plates of fried noodles. As I was waiting for mine to come for a long time, one of the brother passed me a half eaten plate of fried noodle but was decorated like it's new and uneaten. I thought it was a new plate from the stall at first that I had missed seeing the hawker giving it to me. But when I carefully examined that it was half eaten, the brothers began to apologize that they had accidentally eaten my plate. I actually believed them at the time and thought it was some honest mistake.

I went to the stall and asked where was mine. They thought they had given it to me after asking me my table number (#10). The lady at the stall immediately tried to make me new one but I insisted I was full eating the other disk before and do not wish to wait any longer, she gave me 5 cent as an apology. They realized their mistake when I told them that I wasn't with those two siblings at table #10.

I only realized that I might have been cheated by the brothers when I woke up. And also after waking up, I realized perhaps this was why in Penang, you don't usually pay the hawkers first or last, but at the time they bring you your food. To avoid confusion like this, when more than one family shares a table.

This was not the first dream that I had which seems to be "teaching" me the kind of lesson that I have not thought of before, as if externally and not based on information I already have internally. I don't remember the details of the other dreams of such category, but I do remember having them. This is perhaps beyond lucid dreams.

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The Greek Orthodox (Eastern) Church

Since someone at church mentioned that the Eastern church (Orthodox, with capital "O") is closer to "true" Christianity" than Roman Catholicism, which just seems logically odd since the Protestant church came out of the West instead of the East, meaning that Rome parted ways (schism) with the Greeks in the 11th century over theological issue and any doctrinal differences must have diverged further through history, thus, making Rome (instead of the Greeks) to be closer to the protestant faith.

But this is just a conjecture of mine. The repetition of such encounter at church only reactivates my curiosity in this subject: What does the East believe? What are the differences against Reformed theology? How wrong were the Orthodox?

I remember trying to look this up years ago, before any personal encounter of the issue. Perhaps it was Frank Schaeffer and Hank Hanegraaff's conversions to the East, that prompted my interest in the matter. But I couldn't find much to go on. Other than the Filioque debate, icons and something about mysticism, I could not find more clarity online.

So I'm redoing this research again. First stop, from an OPC article: A Calvinist Looks at Orthodoxy by Jack D. Kinneer:


Orthodox Christianity was older than the Roman church. Most Church Fathers were Greek-speaking theologians in the East.

Unbroken succession of churches from the apostles (From St. Andrew, apparently), but not based on Bishop succession of Rome (From St. Peter) and this makes the protestants seen as the product of a schism off a schism. However, they have no problem considering the Reformed as Christians, just not part of their "true" church and thus, invalidating our ordinations and sacraments. By breaking away from Rome, the Greeks do not burden themselves with Papacy, purgatory, indulgences, the immaculate conception of Mary, her assumption into heaven. Doesn't really have any medieval doctrines and practices that the Reformation inherited from (mysticism?).

Rich liturgical heritage: clergy garment, elaborate liturgies, symbols and icons.

Otherness: Mysterious, sensual, heavenly. Based on the Book of Revelation?


No doctrinal statement other than ecumenical councils and 49 volumes of Ante- & Post-Nicene Fathers and writings of the hermits/monastics = Desert Fathers.

Rejection/No understanding of justification by faith. Sanctification = Gospel => Theosis/deification.

Membership intertwined much with ethnicity (i.e. Russian, Greek, etc.), almost synonymous with being Orthodox.

Weak view of sovereign grace. Though not Pelagians, they definitely are not Augustinians on sin/grace. Ezekiel 36:26-27 is foreign to them as God's grace precedes faith & human response. Don't deal much with sin, regeneration, election, etc. Don't really use/understand "original sin" much. Example: Chrysostom vs. Calvin on John 6:44-45.

Use of icons in worship: of Christ, Mary, saints, etc. Annual Feast to celebrate end of Iconoclast controversy (843 A.D.). Icon of Christ is linked tightly to incarnation (Jesus as both God and man).

On the Bible, some are influenced by contemporary scholars of Rome, higher-criticism and liberals are within their church. Ancient Church Fathers have more say in the Bible than sola scriptura.

Passionate for monasticism.

Prayers to Mary in liturgy. Apostolic liturgy involves: the Lord's Supper, the Lord's Prayer, sing psalms, hymns, spiritual songs; chanting "amen", "hallelujah" & "maranatha". Anything else would be later development of the liturgy.

Dr. Kinneer concludes that though he's faithful to the Reformed sola scriptura, he thinks we could learn from the Orthodoxy, though I may not completely agree:
the Incarnation
the meaning of worship
the soul's perfection in the communicable attributes of God (energies of God)
the disciplines by which we grow in grace

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Journal of the Week

4/17/2024 That ringing sound in our ears from time to time, seems to be connected to tinnitus. And apparently there's a $4000 cure (sort of) for it, called Lenire. Apparently more of a nuisance for musicians. I would like to learn about this ringing sound that happens to me from time to time, since I was very young. I am quite sure others have the same experience.

Chart on Software Developer's salary around the world in 2023.

4/16/2024 Last week, Al showed me the Sunshine Conference Room for Marketing's podcasting. I was tasked to set this up. Cool toys: Rodecaster Pro 2 (uses microSD), SHURE SM7dB mic, SRH440A headphones, AS01 Microphone Arm Stand, Panasonic HC-V785 Wifi digital Video Camcorder with tripod, Greenscreen IKAN HS-GS76, HomeStream IKAN HS-LR6 LED lights and arm stand. If you wonder how easy it is to add applause and such in live stream podcast, Rodecaster is your answer.

4/13/2024 NJBible.Church, First Bible Church in Matawan, I don't know this church, but I mark it down because they were willing to drop of some flyers and a the Gospel of John at our door. This church meets at some elementary school in Matawan (401 Lloyd Rd, Matawan, NJ 07747). Looks like your typical fundamentalist, baptist type.

Registered Hoopla thanks to Sadie Pope Dowdell Library. This resource is perhaps very good for audio books. Expanding my digital library resources, locally.

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Onedrive stuck in "processing # changes"

Solution: Reset Onedrive. cmd to Onedrive exe folder, type: onedrive.exe /reset

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Solar Eclipse Totality Road Trip

Today, after church service (over the last few weeks, I've collected from libraries everywhere in South Amboy to Detroit, free solar eclipse glasses, and placed 9 of them at church entrance for people to take), began Nadia's and my trip to Ithaca. We were well prepared (sort of) the day before. Cayuga Blu Hotel was booked a week ago for tonight, via Agoda. Walk Everywhere Ruby Hotel booked a few days ago for Monday night, via Airbnb.

This will be our first experience of totality. A rare chance that is closest to where I am. I think I've seen a couple times of partial eclipse. One in Penang when I was in high school, through magnifying glass casting Sun light on the floor, another in the States, but I don't remember how I viewed it. The partial eclipses in my experience had been probably 50% or less eclipses. But this time, it hits virtually everywhere in the entire country on April 8, with a totality path from below Texas to Niagara Falls and onto Canadian territory.

Image Source

Image Source

So after church's fellowship meal, around 2pm, we drove 3 hours 40 mins directly from church to Cayuga Blu Hotel in Ithaca. I've packed ETX 80 telescope/tripod, Nikon D5100 Camera/tripod, Samsung 360 Camera, DJI OSMO Pocket camera, GoPro 10, an extra tripod, DJI Mavic Pro drone, solar filter for the camera (unfortunately I've only brought one and forgotten the other one for the telescope, but this one is compatible in size for both telescope and camera, so the problem is I have to switch between camera and telescope or just stick with one), Nadia's e-bike and my e-scooter. With only one solar filter, that is fine. I am still well prepared for this first experience. Nadia's along for the ride, not sure how interested she is. I'll try to make videos with those tripods that I have: especially 360 cam on one, and Nikon on another. The e-bikes are for the beautiful parks and waterfalls trails in Ithaca, Cornell University (Ithaca's pride) and Buttermilk Falls, if not also Rochester, which is where we will head for totality, 2 hour drive from Cayuga Hotel (Cayuga Lake is one of the well known Finger Lakes).

We've previously planned to go to Cleveland for this instead. But 7 hours drive was just not ideal for Nadia on the return trip for the possible work day next day. So Dang Good Foods would have to wait. A Singaporean restaurant opened by a college friend, Daniel Ang (we're not close), from Ouachita Baptist University. Thought I would surprise him, might not even tell him who I am, maybe, I don't know. So we switched from Cleveland (never been) to Rochester (passed by for previous Niagara Falls trips).

I had originally booked the second night elsewhere (Seneca Lake) before, at Gorgeous View Motel in Watkins Glen. But the state park's Rainbow Falls seemed to have their best trail (Gorge Trail) closed until May. Other than Gorgeous View Motel's famed lake view from their rooms, I couldn't find anything else that is Nadia friendly. No Asian restaurants either. So back to Ithaca it is, tons of Chinese, Korean, Indian restaurants.

Upon arriving Ithaca, pumped gas at BJ using Joe's card, checked into hotel. Cayuga Blu is so much more than I expected. For some reason, ratings (3.1) and reviews on Google made me think it is like one of those cheap motels for prostitutes. This is definitely higher class. The breakfast lounge for tomorrow (included) is a match to any good diner's settings.

Before sunset at around 6pm, I took Nadia touring two falls: Ithaca Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Think of mini-versions of the Niagara Falls. These are the kind of water falls in the Northern New York area, and there are tons of them. With Ithaca Falls, you can still feel the full force of the magnificent, 150ft rush down, not recommended for swimming, but you can walk close enough (10 feet) to the falls from the bottom. Easy trail of 5 minutes. The Horseshoe Falls has a hanging bridge over the gushing river full of falls here and there. College students frequent this narrow bridge of marvel design and engineering. With Nadia, I would not have time for my geological interest around the falls. We then took a quick glance at Cornell's famed I.M. Pei (who designed the Louvre in Paris) modern style designed Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at sundown, which I plan to visit during opening hours on Tuesday. At night, the Museum's top outer ceiling was a marvel of light show from outside. Nadia cooked (with hot water from the hotel staffs and microwave oven in our room) in the hotel, Tonkotsu Ramen that she brought for the both of us. So we skipped trying dinner at the locals.

4/8/2024 Monday. Woke up for the 7am complimentary hotel breakfast. Pretty good with bacons, scrambled eggs, sausage, etc. Come to think of it, there's a loop hole in this hotel, that is, they do not seem to have security (guest-only access) for their facilities. One could just walk in from the side doors and into their diner for free breakfast, provided he doesn't keep doing this until it raised suspicion. Same thing with the swimming pool and gym. But it was a great stay nonetheless. We checked out at around 8:30am.

Stopped by Long Point State Park for the Cayuga Lake view, Great Gully (privately owned) for the falls. Then Nadia took over the wheel and we headed to Rochester.

While on the road, I learned that the clouds was going to be a problem for the eclipse. And so we had to forgo the Rochester plan and head West (slightly South) for any hope of a clearer but not promising blue sky. Had it been Cleveland, we would have great view. After Nadia spotted the Finger Lakes Premium Outlets which she was interested to go to but we did not have the time, we went through Rochester without stopping and headed to Holley Canal Falls for great view instead of Rochester's Ontario Beach Park. While there was still time (before 3:17pm Totality), we pushed ourselves further West as much as we could, Batavia, Attica, Buffalo, even going further than Niagara Falls, heading towards Erie/Cleveland. Ended up in Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY. 3 hours away from Ithaca, instead of Rochester which was only 2 hours. In fact, Orchard Park is only 3 hours away from Cleveland, but some other time.

3pm we arrived at the parking lot. There were enough parking lots. There were people gathering in the big field behind the lot for the same reason. Not too crowded, perhaps due to the cloud cover. Probably the size of 7-8 families. I saw someone setting up telescope. Laughed at him in my heart but it turned out I was the fool that laughed when I realized that we do get pockets of solar view from time to time, more often than none. I quickly took out the Nikon to set upon the strongest tripod we have, which I initially used for the 360 cam, thinking that we wouldn't see the Sun anyway, might as well just capture 360 degree of our surrounding when it gets dark during totality. In the rush, I forgot that I should also have setup my ETX 80 telescope. So the best video recording/shots I have of the eclipse was the Nikon D5100 with 300m lens. Though my GoPro and 360 were also active simultaneously. Everyone cheered at the beginning of totality at 3:17pm. The ETX-80 would have been great to get not any form of recording but a close view of the Sun's corona. I realized that one good thing with this half cloud covered sky is that the Sun was dimmed by the cloud enough to view with the naked eyes (or maybe even with binoculars/telescopes) even before/after totality, at least for the amateurs. Though it can still be dangerous. I did have to put on and off the solar filter for the Nikon.

After the eclipse, Nadia and I attempted the trail but gave up due to the fact that Nadia was wearing her sandal because she didn't bring her sports shoes.

And then Al had all helpdesk meet up on Teams at 5pm, the bad news: Christine's leaving us. To Germany, following her husband Chris who got a better job there. And it looks like she's not going to be employed because she's not allowed to work there. Though it didn't seem to bother her because retirement plan was a couple years coming anyway.

We then arrived around 6:30pm at Beef & Brew for dinner. Reservation would definitely be recommended, even though within 5 mins, we got our seat at a 6 people table just to ourselves by the entrance. More and more people came without reservations until the wait time was around 30 minutes. I ordered NY Strip Steak (medium, because from reviews, everyone's saying they cook rarer than ordered, and I actually liked mine medium rare) which turned out perfectly cooked and marinated, Beer & Cheddar soup (we could truly taste beer) interesting and remarkable taste, and for Nadia she had lamb chops.
Total: $63 without tips, we gave $8 tips. Discounted 4% for cash payment (they even accept personal checks for the same deal). Then we switched to me driving back to Ithaca, Airbnb hotel at 117 E Spencer Street.

8:30pm we arrived at our Airbnb. It was already dark and parking was tough. We parked around the next block in front of a laundromat. The two bedroom apartment was big enough for me, though Nadia did not fancy it too much. She complained that the front looked haunted (plants appeared to be dying), she also did not like the bed rooms, begging me to sleep with her instead of sleeping in the second bedroom, what a pity to not able to use the extra bedroom, but poor Nana. The good of this, walking distance to central Ithaca as well as big space. You wouldn't get regular hotel rooms this size.

4/9/2024 We had breakfast at the famous Collegetown Bagels. Nadia liked my New Yorker but not her San Diego Bagel which isn't like anything on google. We then checked out and Nadia dropped me at the Buttermilk Falls for a couple hours until 12pm while she went to the nearby thrift store. The Falls was a great hike, Gorge Trail was 1 hour. Lots of falls along the river by the trail.

Then we went to the Herbert Johnson Museum of Cornell University. A modern architectural marvel indeed. I would love to revisit this many times. In fact, I would recommend church retreat in Ithaca because of all these nature and the beautiful university. The museum has top floor glassed observatory of the whole city in a modern design with Asian antiques to enjoy on the side. It's not a big museum, but the combination of city/college views and worthy artifacts were amazing. We parked near the museum, paid with ParkMobile app. Museum entrance was free, like any college museums. We then did a quick run with e-bike/e-scooter.

Finally, with Nadia's "approval" we lunched at Tasty Hot Pot, the "local" restaurant. We had a debate on what constitutes "local" as I distinguished "local" from "traditional". 牛百叶麻辣烫 was not bad. Nadia had 鱼片干锅. I think not many people visit this place (despite popularity on google) because they included tips in the bill.

We then rushed 2-3 hours to Nike Factory store at Tannersville, PA, which closes at 6pm, we arrived around 5:45pm. Nadia bought a couple of basketball shoes, for Brian.

We reached home around 8pm.

Because the GoPro shoots large files, I do not store most of these files in my drive, unless they are really something (i.e. solar eclipse videos). But I uploaded all of them to Youtube.

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Journal of the Week

4/12/2024 A thorough tutorial on Git, Github, etc.

4/10/2024 Anydesk failed to load on Windows XP at NYGC (printer ID Card) because first: clock's out of sync, 2nd, I installed Anydesk so despite uninstallation and fixing the clock, it still wouldn't connect to Anydesk network until I deleted all anydesk files/folders in Appdata (XP: application data in my user folder), thanks to Reddit.

I had to fix the ID printing PC's very outdated Fargo Build-A-Badge program that gave Run-time Error 3001 invalid argument, which was caused by the access mdb database file in the program folder. Good thing I have zipped backup of the program in that machine. Unzipped, replaced the entire folder (renamed old folder).

4/6/2024 Pig kidney transplant on Richard "Rick" Slayman seemed successful. But I'm skeptical. This would be the first, if successful, as past patients have died in this. This also raised all sorts of questions: Are humans and pigs (or any other animal species) compatible physiologically? Would the evolutionists have a say in this matter?

Planning for Monday 4/8's total solar eclipse in Rochester (we're going to stay nights in Ithaca). The cloud cover for that day doesn't look promising enough, hopefully it will change to the better by then:

At least we would still have some scenic waterfalls to see in Ithaca.

4/5/2024 Earthquakes - twice today. This has become no small news, because East Coast quakes are very rare. Of course, this is hardly as bad as Taiwan's Hualien 7.4 Mag. Earthquake on 4/2. First one was 4.8 magnitude at around 10:23:30AM in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Nadia and I both felt it in the living room. I thought it was too large to be a heavy truck roaming through our highway, which does happen and causing a slight shock barely noticeable. Too bad none of my cameras recorded this. I saw trees and the cable poles shaking outside. Then at around 6pm, Nadia felt another quake, which was registered to be around 2 miles NW of Bedminster, NJ, 4.0 magnitude.

USGS registered these two quakes with some 3 minute delay.


Mr. You also reported this earthquake. Also, he mentioned Biden's immigration administration really sucks. This is no longer news. I do wonder how the debate between Biden and Trump would be for presidency. There would be so many issues that Trump could attack Biden on, shaming him to death. Must be exciting. Funny how Mr. You ended with a joke with the news on the Statue of Liberty being struck by lightning was a sign from God's wrath upon New York Democrats' liberal ideology that's ruining the city in immigration and criminals handling.

Rudy at work even surprised me by posting a somewhat "evangelical" message in the group chat:

I thought about reacting positively, but decided not to, after carefully considering the theological implication. In this case, though it's good to be boldly proclaiming Jesus' name, the motive behind this charismatics slogan is generally a self-centered one: "Believe in Jesus", so you get what you desire. etc.

4/4/2024 Raining the past 2-3 days (Tues-Wed), though not heavy rain, but the storm was strong, 25mph at times. This storm seems to be heavily affecting the entire East Coast: https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/03/us/power-outages-ohio-valley-storms-tornadoes/index.html

It seemed to be a huge swirl on the radar map, but it's subsiding now:

As predicted, when it rained straight for 3 days, regardless of heaviness, there are usually leaks happening in my office ceiling, as well as the guest room's ceiling. There's also in the basement, at least two concerning spots (the back staircase entrance, under the fuse box). I do not have any idea as to how to fix these as I would still prefer to do this myself. Not enough research done, but I do hope to start with the basement staircase water leak, as there may be an easier solution for that.

Learned from Mr. You that it's not easy to audit rich people's tax return. So basically Biden was lying when he promised to focus tax investigation more on the rich than the poor. Auditing the poor is easy money. The rich can easily fight back. The point of this is: To win, beat someone like Biden (and many others) on this, is as easy as shaming them while promising that you won't be a hypocrite like them yourself. However, this could be a political suicide, as the rich may pocket your salary, unless you are not swayed by money, or that you're rich enough yourself.

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All about Amish

Reignited my interest in the Amish culture, after watching the low rated Hallmark movie: An Uncommon Grace. In it, Swartzentruber Amish was mentioned. It's the most conservative kind (i.e.not even allowed to intermarry with other Amish communities). It's also interesting that wikipedia has this chart of what each affiliation of Amish communities allow in terms of technology:

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Plants Basics

Fertilizer: NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium = Shoots, Roots, Fruits.

  1. Shoots = Nitrogen = Assists with foliage and vegetative growth (leaves and anything that grows above ground)
  2. Roots = Phosphorus = Aids with healthy root growth (underground and what we don’t see)
  3. Fruits = Potassium = Helps promote flowers and fruit (vegetable) formation and size
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Scripture on Trinity - by Stephen Tong

Shown in Hebrews 1:8-9


用喜乐油膏(Acts 10:38)你 - 喜乐油就是圣灵。


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Journal of the Week

4/3/2024 I've decided to purchase the Celestron NexStar 8SE after seeing it on sale $1.1k for used, on Adorama site. Probably from demo. This article on using this scope for astrophotography was helpful. This would be my 4th telescopes (Celestron Omni XLT 150, Meade ETX80, Evscope) and the largest aperture. I also bought a $40 Piggyback Mount adapter and $34 Battery (Talentcell 12V Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery Pack YB1206000, DC Output for LED Strip and CCTV Camera, 11.1V 6000mAh Portable Li-ion Batteries with AC/DC 12.6V 1A Charger) from Amazon, for hooking up my DSLR camera (Nikon D5100?), a solar filter $26 from Ebay (I don't know why they cost $60+ on most sites as they all use Velcro to latch on), and a $140 Angeleyes case from Ebay.
The choices of my scopes are basically so:
ETX80 - for highest portability, quickest setup. The motor doesn't run well and I don't really need it for the quick setup. Manual adjustment is fine.
EVScope - Probably the second in portability. 114mm (4.5inch) aperture is slightly larger than ETX80. Also for easy digital astrophotography, all operated by app, no manual.
Celestron OMNI XLT150 - For its conventional use. Newtonian mount. 6" aperture is the average desired size. Probably good for all kinds of customization, as I also motorized the mount recently, motors work, but untested with actually tracking.
Celestron NexStar 8SE - I highly depend on its 8" largest aperture I own as well as built-in computerized motors. Hopefully more advanced astrophotography will be done with this, along with a DSLR camera.

I first came across it in The Knowledge Project Podcast, where Bryan Johnson was interviewed for his Blueprint Project diet. There's been a lot of focus on Blue Zones (1. Ikaria, Greece, 2. Loma Linda, California. 3. Sardinia, Italy, 4. Okinawa, Japan, 5. Nicoya, Costa Rica) diet lately. Now that Doctor Mike interviewed him as well, as the man who wants to live forever, testing/measuring his body to the extreme, peaked my interest. I haven't watched Doctor Mike's interview but just putting the video below for reference. It's interesting to note that Bryan Johnson, of Mormon background, born 1977, was the one flipping Venmo for $800 million (sold to Paypal in 2013), after buying it for only $26mil.

Tainan, Taiwan introduction by Dodomen (I've also marked all the restaurants mentioned in google map):

4/1/2024 Run OCR against PDFs/images from browser. Using PDF.js & Tesseract.js via Ai platforms such as GPT-4 vision, etc. Simon Willison did it: https://tools.simonwillison.net/ocr

Just called Labcorp this morning and finally got confirmation that they've received my 1199 Insurance Company's Explanation of Benefit and that acknowledged that the patient's balance should now be zero, and not $286.65 as claimed by the email of delinquent status sent to me by Labcorp last Friday 3/29. She said she'll put in a note to get this changed and that I should just disregard the warning letter. This is quite a relieve, and I hope I don't see this problem resurrected.

Checked out Tractor Supply Co. on Route 35. They don't have chicken poop, nor live chicken. Staff said they used to have live chicks until Monmouth County banned it. She suggested me to go to Old Bridge branch.

3/30/2024 Fixed the flip mirror that fell off in my Meade ETX80 telescope. When that broke off, I felt urged to buy a new replacement telescope, perhaps an ETX 90 or 125. But the lack of backpack support like the ETX80 discouraged me to look into it later. The Flip Barlow is somewhat broken, the RA? motor has issue. Years ago, I had slightly damaged the built-in Barlow lens of the telescope when I attempted to project the Sun to the ceiling with it in my Flushing apartment. It practically melted some mechanism in there that the Barlow switch just wouldn't work to swivel the Barlow lens away. I realized today that I had forgotten about the built-in Barlow, that I could through the rear port of the scope, use my fingers to manually swivel the Barlow off the eyepiece holder while the flip Barlow switch still can swivel it back into view. So technically, I should have no issue with the built-in Barlow lens feature. After some help from the cloudynights forum linked above, I also managed to remove the Objective Lens cell by unscrewing the focus knob from within its chamber to the right of the eyepiece holder. I the super glue (one of those Dollar Tree Cyanoacrylate glue) to glue the flip mirror back to the flip platform in the telescope. It was a challenge as I couldn't really reach the platform by hand easily. So I basically aimed the glue to the mirror holder platform and drip to it through the tube of the scope. I didn't want to trouble myself by removing the fork from the tube to gain easier access as some had mentioned in the forum. Now that it's fixed, I should have no urge to buy a new scope as I can tolerate the weak motor of the scope.

3/29/2024 https://demo.hume.ai/ Probably not as smart as chatGPT but the first realistic voice to voice chat with an AI that I know of.

3/28/2024 Just learned this morning from Principal advisory chat that I could sign up for an account at ssa.gov to see my Social Security retirement benefits.

3/27/2024 quick exercises for those working in front of a computer.

3/25/2024 Free courses on AI by NVIDIA

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