Getting 1199SEIU to correct DOB is a pain

So I called this morning (646-473-9200), as instructed by my chiropractor clerk, who was instructed by the insurance company when she tried to file claim after having my DOB corrected. I was supposed to call a Mr. Harkless, but it's just to reach their COB (coordination of Benefits) department, for my National Benefit Fund as a secondary.

All this call is just to verify myself. They better cover 100% as promised, for up to 20 sessions / year, not that I plan that many visits.

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  1. timlyg says:

    Annual requirement for their COB, so that I can keep being covered under Nadia's 1199 insurance:

    This was the apparent late submission requirement, which I marked 2/5/2022.
    Employer needs to send:
    Next open enrollment date
    Effective date
    Cost of coverage
    Next 2 paystubs

    COB number Fax: 646-473-6829

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