What Was the Old Side/New Side Controversy (Of American/colonial Presbyterianism 1741-1758 - curious reunion in Synod of 1758)? (Presbyterian in America began in 1706): Revivalists: Preaching out of bound: going into towns of other churches without the permission of local pastors, requiring ministers to give conversion narrative for ordination, etc. First General Assembly in 1789.

Somersault training:

My comment: I could barely hear the HELP in the video. It's unlikely I would notice in that atmosphere as I usually listens to my own thing on the phone. However, I would have broken that guy in half should I be made aware of it. When you yell for HELP, be sure that you shout louder, there are many willing souls who are just not really looking around.

However, later, I was reminded of Pak Tong's example on evangelizing in moments of pressure, having peace of Christ.

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