Sunday Service Recap (6/12/2022) GCC

On Statement 11: Friendship of the Ad Interim on sexuality by PCA, I was reminded of YMCA, how I once worked there where GRIOT was, in Brooklyn YWCA. YMCA was supposed to be a Christian organization, but in America, that is anything but. So I wondered about the history of it, how from Sir George William, a philanthropist founding YMCA, chiefly focusing on cultural mandate for men in the industrial revolution, to the going off rail of the center today. I believe when Christian organizations began to focus on $ and large administration/executives, things often don't look too good.

This also recalls BSF, which was founded by Audrey Wetherell Johnson, a British missionary of the China Inland Mission. I did a quick brief search but nothing much can be discovered on how it operates, its financial accountability, etc. At least not online. It's hard to say for me for now, but having rotating lay teaching or questionnaires on one's opinions/feelings for Biblical discussions are a few methods that do not conform to biblical teaching, as minor an issue as they maybe. However, BSF/online, despite their methodology and concealed administration, has like Redeemer PCA of NY, opened a flood of opportunities for people to do Bible study outside the bounds of their local churches, especially when their own churches do not love God enough to do so.

In Sunday School, finishing the Ad Interim report, I find myself having different (or what maybe slightly different) views:
- David's theology on not harming God's anointed (Saul) - pastor's take seem to be just about not sneaking up on Saul but rather to kill Saul in direct battle. I wonder if he would interpret anything into "touch not God's anointed". But this is not new, many American pastors in the conservative arena, perhaps because of many fallen preachers, do not take much care of that phrase.
- Among the audience. There was a slight argument on David's many wives (by T) vs. killing someone to get Bathsheba (by F). I would say F is wrong, David killed to not get Bathsheba, because he already got Bathsheba, he killed to cover it up.
- I find Statement #11: Friendship of the Ad Interim report to be insufficient when dealing with singleness biblically. There needs to be more biblical view on singlehood in fellowship with others, which begs the question in Matthew 19:10. Today we see many desires singleness in churches out of selfish/feminist desires.
- Pastor critiqued social media today for unkind words used, slanders, etc. rather than sharing one's own life's blessings. I view social media only as an informative media, a way to keep in touch with people, even long lost friends. I don't view it as a media to share life's story, for that I prefer face to face talking. As for arguments, I view it as a training media, to improve my eloquence, deduction, analysis of men, though I do my best not to demonize my opponents.
- On capital punishment - Pastor believes in a large body consented agreement before killing in capital punishment can be carried out. I believe one just has to follow his own conviction before the Lord. Perhaps because I was never under the modern Roman Catholics' influence on their view of life. But vengeance is still the Lord's, so I believe we can look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer as example, in spite of his failure to kill Hitler. It would be interesting to see pastor's take on Bonhoeffer in this matter. If it must be a large body decision, how large? 10 people? 20?
- Accountability: It's good to have others to be accountable to, to each other in the family of God. However, I do not follow the modern American Christians' way where this is a must. I think first and foremost, God is sufficient. The rest should be a natural thing that follows God, so there is really no need to even touch on that. The only verses on the Bible they would cite are not what they meant. These are verses simply on fellowship and love. It's not about finding someone to hold oneself accountable for in life.

On the Sermon on adultery, Genesis 3:16 is mentioned: Pastor's take on the curse = women's bad desire, men's bad ruling.

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