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Christian Origin in Korea

Though there are other earlier accounts, the one I remembered most and have now found the detail, is the story about how foreigners carrying loads of bibles were killed and that the bibles were used as wallpapers in Korean homes, … Continue reading

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Timothy Keller passed at 72 from Pancreatic Cancer this morning

With many posts on Facebook of this news, especially reading from those Christians who love criticizing reformed position, particularly on predestination and gender issue, I thought to myself: To achieve greatness, to be known, which although is not the goal, … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 2023-04-16

Sunday school on Grace Community Church Basic Information - Membership class information. Great Sunday school even though it's the basic principle for church membership. I made a few notes: stress on ORDER of things upon a regulative principle of the … Continue reading

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On Psychosomatic

On James 5:15-20 on the connection between sin and physical sickness. Pro 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.喜乐的心乃是良药;忧伤的灵使骨枯乾。

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4 kinds of Faith by Stephen Tong

Hebrews 11:

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Bible Study: 1 Corinthians

I started this, even though I'm yet to seriously begin the study on this, because of issues such as head coverings (Chapter 11), etc.

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Sunday Service - On Worship - Critique on Musicology

On John 4:19-26 Suddenly I was given from the sermon clarity about last Friday's Bible study on Rev. 11:5-6. That the power/authority given to the two witnesses, was the kind that grants us opportunity to see God at work. Not … Continue reading

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On Church Worship - Music

At GCC, we have a worship team. I do not think the pieces chosen were of "reformed" nature, despite the insistence of it by the one choosing the pieces. These are modern pieces that appear to not take the composition … Continue reading

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Feasts of Israel

Learning Hebrew Calendar, start here for interesting diagram: The idea is to see what Jewish calendar means in Christianity. 3 high festivals: Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot. The Jews also break their calendar into two categories: Sacred/Religious (begins the year with … Continue reading

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Asbury Revival 2023 - More like Sensual Festival

"Sensual Festival" is what I called this charismatic movement on FB. And this was what I posted, I just updated it with #5. 1. The standard rule: the more it is advertised as revival first, the less serious of a … Continue reading

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