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Sunday Service 2/5/2023

Sunday School - Common Creation Questions - Lesson 5 Genesis 1 Previous discussion weeks have been focused mainly on Young Earth, but the pastor tried to be slightly open minded, though the go to against the opponents is always on … Continue reading

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Stephen Tong on Various Worship style (i.e. contemporary Christian music, etc.)

In his Daniel Servitude series, video 3, @36:47. 要紧:对象,内容,动机不要紧:形式,日子,外表 对象 - 创造天地赐我五谷丰收的上帝来做感恩的祭,圣道的内容,纯正敬拜上帝的动机

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On What Apologetics Is

After Tim Keller, after Stephen Tong, here's my definition: The art of persuasion against (active)/for (passive) those in bondage. Not by evidence but by God's revelation. Tong: 护教这个字原先的意思是被控诉的时候进行申辨。护教学的意思就是对那些反对我们信仰,不了解我们信仰的人,给我们基督徒攻击的时候,我们为所信的做出申辨。这样护教学就具有积极性和消极性两方面的作用。积极作用是护教学和宣教学配合起来,积极的向世人介绍信仰。消极作用是去消除世人对基督教的疑惑,释放人的心灵。

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Weekly Reflections

2/2/2023 - If you misrepresent the other side's view, that's the prime indication of narrow mindedness, low IQ. Instant Pho $2 DIY: So I think the most essential parts of this recipe is 1-4 and possibly 5. Here is the … Continue reading

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Bible Study: Daniel

It's interesting John Calvin expounded on this. Stephen Tong also did a specific character analysis on Daniel: This study will be a compendium of my church's Bible study as well as my own.

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Reformed Forum had a live interview today with the two authors (Cory Brock, Nathaniel Sutanto) of their book, Neo-Calvinism, My question posted in the meet did not get answered: Hopefully not going too off topic, but since we mentioned "Eschatology … Continue reading

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Weekly Reflection

1/23/2023 Vos: 'Eschatology Precedes Soteriology' - Protology (pre-fall state) is Eschatological, as protology is not eternal life. ~David Tong 1/21/23 Looking for a Routine/Habit tracker, but also accessible via web, not only using the app (i.e. Roubit is the one … Continue reading

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Christianity in Chinese Characters/Words (nonsense)

I've done it before in brief (against 遠志明's ministry nonsense on this matter) but after coming across this, I shall thoroughly expose this false 中國基督徒荒謬的拆字傳教遊戲。 And here are the research debunking the above video:

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Weekly Reflection

1/6/2023 The Americans today, the fundamentalist/conservative group, often view China only as CCP and therefore as a whole culture, China's fully influenced by anti-Christian sentiment since 5000 years ago, culminating to CCP in the 20th century if not earlier. So, … Continue reading

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On Dementia

By now, I've met first hand someone with serious dementia. This is the second person I know directly. The first one was our first landlord, and kind old lady from our former Chinese church. However, this last one, has a … Continue reading

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