6/16: When discussing health insurance, Nadia told me that Willy suggested that I should ask for a raise. I rejected the notion at first. But now come to think of it, I think it's despicable. Salary based on the worth of the employee, not on the pity on the employee. This is the hypocrisy of the East: Don't want friends to pity on the dinner table in a restaurant, but when it comes to salary, pity is almost a moral thing. I do learn a few thing, after trying to figure out how health benefits work since Nadia's losing hers and I need to add ours through my job. There are like 5 states (NJ is one of them and Vermont doesn't really count-no penalty) that are still making this mandatory after the abolishment of mandatory health insurance (ACA/Obama Care) at federal level in 2019. There's some site showing how health penalty is calculated in NJ.

Love the last remark: That's what happens when you order a president through the mail

Last week (6/10), we installed 86" LG TV to the wall mount. I am still worry because the studs didn't feel strong when I drilled. Today I think the top part of the mount came off about 1-3mm from the way. More on the left side. I need to keep monitoring this because when necessary, I would need to take off the TV with Willy's help, and install these TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE Drywall Anchors (about $8 on Amazon for 4), which is said to hold more than 150lbs quite well, on dry wall alone.

Not thoroughly, but I skimmed through the recordings of the 2022 Center for Missions and Evangelism Conference Mid-America Reformed Seminary. This is suppose to deal with missions with other cultures (or races if they don't forbid). However, I find it rather shallow. To think I almost bought a ticket just to fly down to Florida for that. This is more or less an OPC/PCA held event. They had the rapper/pastor Timothy Brindle to be one of their guests, to me, he's the only one I know of. I wish they would just do more evangelism, then maybe they know what to say better on the stage rather than quote textbooks.

Last Sunday (6/12) I finally got the chance to speak to the pastor about my intention to do evangelical works in the neighborhood of Bridgewater. Pastor then revealed to me, contrary to what I thought (based on what I hear from him over time), that he had tried reaching out the church surrounding area before but it had fallen on deaf ears. I do not hold pastors to be preachers in this sense, though one must try all offices like Paul. So, I shall pray to God on this. So far there's only one (E.) eager to join, and we shall see after planning and strategizing. We have a good church here, finally, with a pastor though not well known nor as old as many would have wanted, but exceeds those others who would be more desired qualitatively. May God have mercy upon me and my walk in Him. So this work as the pastor implied, would not be part of the church, which is just the way I had expected.

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