The merciful hand of God upon me once again

A couple of days ago, I didn't realize I was that tired while driving, after coming back from the Vegas trip, plus jet lag. We've arrived at Newark airport around 5:50AM and I thought I could go to HomeDepot and back to get extension cord to fix the aquarium meltdown problem. This is the 3rd time I'm reckless in driving and probably the most protected by God while in the car all by myself:
1st time: hit a brick wall near South Amboy beach thinking I was hitting the break instead of gas. I was alone.
2nd time: While driving my parents, Willy and Nadia, back home in South Amboy and was dozing off until Willy who's in the front passenger's seat alerted me as I drove slightly off the straight path at a traffic light junction.

Many thoughts went through my mind: What if I hit the pole, what if I broke the car running across some side walk nails, what if there was someone walking/biking on the side walk.

I ought to take this more seriously next time. May God continuously have mercy upon me and those around me.

This year has given me at least two shocks. First one was Nadia's fall a few months ago, which I also kept a clip of the recording. This fall looked almost fatal as she fell very close near the firepit corner stone.

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