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101 Javascript Must Know

Or basics in programming in general Read quite a few TLDR articles on programming management lately. One thing I'm sure is that though a senior developer could take on the task of a manager, the vice versa is less … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 6/25/2023

In Sunday School, on Prayer, when asked "What keeps our prayer faithful or unfaithful?" I thought of this during the Service sermon, that when people use "OMG" Oh my God! it is a form of prayer. Mostly done in vain, … Continue reading

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Job Skills to look into

With lots of 100% fully remote opportunities thanks to COVID19, $130K base compensation salary, etc. Here are some worth looking into for portfolio building: 5+ years Javascript4+ years WebGLPixi.js, Three.js

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On Sunday Service 6/18/2023 regarding CCM

This is the last day I serve as violinist for E's "praise team". I had notified her a week earlier. This was after Nadia's urging, not to wait for Tom, whose view on church music I cherished somewhat because he … Continue reading

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I dreamt that Nana Passed

This morning I woke up sort of crying. I had dreamt that my dear nana (fell sick I think, as I couldn't remember exactly the cause of death, and) eventually passed away. I believe our bedroom resembled that which we … Continue reading

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Is Drinking too much water bad?

Yes, a doctor died from this: Death of Dr. Cynthia Lucero in 2002 Boston Marathon. Apparently there had been debates on this since the late 80s where there were official guidelines in the US promoting drinking water during sports, interestingly … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 2023-04-16

Sunday school on Grace Community Church Basic Information - Membership class information. Great Sunday school even though it's the basic principle for church membership. I made a few notes: stress on ORDER of things upon a regulative principle of the … Continue reading

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On Identifying the Types who claim to know Stephen Tong

There is one obvious kind: Those who either claim or present or somewhat indicating themselves to have helped stephen Tong organize this or that events or to know Stephen Tong at some personal level: This is the type one should … Continue reading

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Why do we love some countenances but abhor another?

Some facial features though ugly and instinctively despised by many, are liked by some, especially by their own children. Some pretty or handsome figures, though we instinctively fall in love with, come to disrespect them over time, if not hate. … Continue reading

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Weekly Review

1/16/2023: I was boiling eggs in the late morning, but I forgot about it at the computer until my computer froze, which reminded me. I was sorry that I cursed Fuck as I jumped to turn off the stove. God's … Continue reading

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