Sunday Service 2022-08-07

Today's sermon was on Colossians 1:24-29. But I find myself unable to pay attention. I wasn't completely distracted, but I was looking up information here and there on the phone that's linked to some of the passages. Though I couldn't follow the pastor's sermon, as some of the ones before as well. However, his Sunday School discussion lead was always much better attention grabber. Usually I take it as a sign on preparation. I had just read the passage again. But did not study it in depth.

We also did Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 15, on Repentance. For WCF 15.3 I put down the note of my own: For repentance there are two kinds, one fake one real. The fake one, is like what Taylor Swift sang: "You say Sorry Just for Show".

There is also a debate I had with Phil on the Day-Age question. Like many fundamentalists, he held to the 6 x 24 hour creation day. But I shall expand on this in a different past thread.

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