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At GCC, we have a worship team. I do not think the pieces chosen were of "reformed" nature, despite the insistence of it by the one choosing the pieces. These are modern pieces that appear to not take the composition seriously in the sacred, biblical sense in my view. Though I won't go as far as unbiblical. It doesn't necessarily mean they are against the Bible, though they maybe threading between a fine line between Godly and unholy. These are composed by groups like CityAlight, Sovereign Grace, etc. focusing on "reformed" lyrics but nothing about the music and melody as if they are liberal about them. Therefore, they do not heed the warnings from the golden calf exodus and the fact that all things are made after its kind, including musical style, instruments, etc. Their musical style, as far as I can tell in my limited but earnest learning in music, is closer to new age and pop. In that sense, they follow suit the Israelites who presented the golden calf as their own way of sacrifice and worship to God, these modern composers present their pop culture musical style to God.

I certainly have learned much from David Chin's 陳子虔博士 workshop on Bach 漫談音樂與信仰: (simply just google/youtube search for 陳子虔 for more)

That said, what shall I do. Do I quit the team? I had previously said to Nadia that if Tom quits, I quit. But then when she publicized it, I think I must address to difference: That my reason for quitting would be independent of Tom's. Despite difference perhaps even in theology, I believe Tom was close enough to the reformed faith, though at times I do not agree with his assessment of musical choice: i.e. his rejection of "Mary did you know" as Roman Catholic's veneration of Mary, etc. But like many English churches in NJ, I notice that you cannot do without guitars. As if every musicians here were raised in a rock star's footsteps.

So I shall remain. For guitars, rock stars, mostly draw their inspiration from Bach, who drew his discovery out of his piety to God. I best remain to trouble myself in learning the secrets of music, but with caution: So should Tom depart, my days in the team are numbered as well.

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