Journal of the Week 8-14-2023

8/22/2023 Watched Ken Ham inviting Bill Nye to tour the Ark Encounter again. I knew Ken Ham was bad from the previous watch, I didn't realize it's that bad. Thought I'm not advocating for evolution, Bill Nye's responses were more sound than Ham's topic hopping, vague logic. The only good about Ken Ham in this case is that he's willing to invite Bill Nye to his museum.

8/21/2023 Meta [Facebook] threatens to fire workers for return-to-office infractions in leaked memo. When you see the word "threatens" is used, you know this is a postmodern culture. Fair treatment of laborers is one thing, but it is unfortunate that this is policed by the government or entities other than the employers themselves. This dictatorial mafia constitution is a bigger bully, because now not only MUST the employers listen to someone not involving in the company's business and production, we MUST accept that someone else's moral value is superior than our own at the cost of freedom and financial lost.

How to get your Startups First 100 Users: I've always wondered about this. Looks like manual reachout is always the best way. A list of all experienced answers/feedbacks on this.

Keeping up with PHP updates.

8/19/2023 Replaced my Anker 10-port USB hub (bought on Ebay for $43.41 in 2017) with Atolla brand 10-port USB hub (Bought on Amazon for $42.64). Due to my computer running slow with all the USB drives connected to the hub. The system was fine usually until I tried to mess with the USB drives. I suspected it was the hub as it had been giving me on and off randomly the last couple of weeks for a couple of times. I couldn't find the Anker brand anymore. This Atolla brand works great, so I'm throwing the Anker one away, despite it being sort of functional still.

8/18/2023 Recalled how a few days ago I responded to a FB post on confusing unconditional love with passive love:

John Erzberger You got something there. There is a problem lying in wait secretly as a lion to catch the poor in mind in the OP testimony. The love expressed in the story is incredibly sympathetic and passive (because my wife trusts me so much, how could I...). Such love is not the kind of love Christ taught us.

Also, judging from the story, this drama "king" (whoever wrote it originally) seems to either had led a wanton lifestyle once, or that he was actually being scammed by some Nigerian prince, assuming the story was true.

Only those who are sensitive to doctrine and pedagogy care enough to see through this and I would have ignored this post as nonsense had someone like you not said anything about it. Let the fools congratulate themselves in their own blindness. So no, I'm not one who glorifies this. Though he's not without merits, he made the right choice, a good come back, but a passive one. Do better!

  • Holly SchultzeTimothy Law well said. Yes, the first thing I felt when reading this was that it’s depressing that this post implies we should feel amazed at this man’s integrity. If this is the best I could have, a man who would have to look at me and evaluate if he feels I don’t deserve to be cheated on vs just not wanting to have anything to do with the woman on his own, I would definitely rather take Paul’s advice and stay single. I see faithfulness as a privilege and would hope to have that back in return.

08/16/2023 Learned a new term in Web developing: Website Conversion Rates - # of sales divided by # of visitors.

Web animation tool that looks cool: LottieLab

A little tips on the right Programming Language for the right tasks.

This is an interesting report: Employees in Asia are spending the most time looking busy at work, says Slack report

Ranking below shows % of time spent on real productive work.

  1. South Korea: 72%
  2. TIE — Australia: 71%
  3. TIE — Germany: 71%
  4. TIE — United States: 71%
  5. United Kingdom: 70%
  6. France: 69%
  7. TIE — Japan: 63%
  8. TIE — Singapore: 63%
  9. India: 57%

Ranking shows that South Koreans are the best workers while India is the worst, followed by Singapore and Japan.

Companies regret early return to office plans:

One (E&Y) of their solutions: Give $800 bonus for employee child-care/pet-care. This is a fail in the long run. After all, this encourages looking down on immigrants coming to "take their jobs" with willingness to accept lower pay.

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