Pride is not the root of all evil

It seems that may Christians fall for the quote: Pride is the root of all evil. It's a famous quote. It's in Hollywood, it's what our American Christians seem to love saying or using. They would conflate every bad thing with pride, to their errs.

This is likely from the Roman Catholics. They (St. Gregory the Great) would source it from their apocryphal Ecclesiasticus 10: The beginning of pride is sin. This is nowhere found in Scripture.

However, 1 Timothy 6:10 did attribute the root of all evil to the love of money. And Stephen Tong clarified this from James 1:15, by emphasizing that pride is not the root, but self:
“己”过大 (over-satisfy),人就贪心;
“己”过高 (over-estimate),人就骄傲;
“己”好面子 (narcissistic),人就虚假;

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