Rosetta Stone Error: 2125 & 2123

Update 9/15/2016: Seriously, if you are still using Rosetta Stone to learn ought to "go out" more into the WWW. There are far better and more accurate (Yes, Rosetta Stone's vocabulary is really faulty at times, I have native speakers proven it to me) learning tools out there now: e.g. duolingo, memrise, etc. And no, I'm not advertising for these latter ones, they are totally free anyway, no ads, run faster and easier than Rosetta Stone.

This error pops up saying database out of date.

Solution (Thanks to Kev):

* find the tracking.db3 file in your appdata folder (for windows 7 its C:\programData\Rosetta Stone\tracking.db3 (hidden folder) and rename it to tracking.db3.bak
* Restart the pc
* launch rosetta stone (all your progress has been lost now)
* close the rosetta stone application
* rename tracking.db3.bak to tracking.db3
* Launch the application again and here you go, you can use it again

For error code 2123:
Solved by simply reboot, and reboot, and reboot, until it is fixed.
BTW, adding a line in the file dynamicStoredPaths.xml, next to tracking.db3, may help:
Line added to second last line of file, before </installerDefaults>.

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7 Responses to Rosetta Stone Error: 2125 & 2123

  1. rendy says:

    yeah it's works, thank u very much

  2. timlyg says:

    Instead of keep doing this, after upgrading to Rosetta 4.0 TOTALe, the language pack files from previous version are still compatible, everything works better now, aside from the fact that I have to remove/reinstall certain language to resolve another error (which I think only happens once: something to do with corrupt language installation the first time?).

  3. Ryan says:

    Thank you for your support!
    I lost my progress as you said would happen if I did as you instructed for error codes 2123 & 2125 (mine was 2123). However it seems to be working again although I never changed the file name back to the original. Do I still need to?

    • timlyg says:

      If you don't rename, I think you will lose all your previous lessons record, which is not that important if you either don't care about it or you could remember where you last left off.

  4. Karl Davidson says:

    Works great initially, but when I shut down my computer for the night, next morning after restarting my computer I get the error code 2125. I have windows 8 and home school version #3.

    Help Please...
    Karl Davidson

    • timlyg says:

      I don't remember much. But I think I also encountered 2125 issue which I detailed here. I don't know anything about Win8, I believe I used win 7 or vista for that. I dunno what's home school version #3.

      I think you should just think of getting version 4 if what I wrote doesn't solve it.

      Better yet, like me, I gave up Rosetta Stone for a bit and use youtube for language learning, which is more fun and more convincing. I am doing this ever since I realized many Rosetta Stone's vocabularies (Korean, Japanese, Portuguese) are very inaccurate. When I used them with friends (I have plenty of international friends), not only they did not understand the Rosetta words I used in their languages, they even correct me with a completely different word, different sounding. So, you can see, I have lost quite a bit of trust in Rosetta Stone, method still sound, but the materials seem crappy. And since youtube's free language learning (you just have to find the good ones) is so much more interesting, I have stuck with it.

  5. Phani says:

    You can get the complete details of Error 2123 for win XP,vista, 7 , 8, 8.1 and for Mac

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