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Journal of the Week

6/7/2024 Today Mr. You's video mentioned Hunter Biden having "affair" with his late brother's wife as a no no. So I looked up what I thought is a cultural shock and responded in his comment: 夫兄弟婚在基督教影響的國家是鼓勵的,所以不需以儒家思想看待。 汉族传统上不鼓励夫兄弟婚,特别是儒家兴起之后,社会舆论认为这是乱伦的一种,并立法禁止。明朝法律规定,娶父、伯、叔寡妇者判斩首,娶寡兄嫂或弟媳者判绞死[2]。清朝也有类似的法律[3]。Source: Wikipedia on 夫兄弟婚. … Continue reading

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Home Electricity

With the rise of utility costs post-COVID, I need to start monitoring power usage in our home. I received the email from Jersey Central Power & Light, the company that bills us for our electricity, telling me that we are … Continue reading

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Dental Insurance Terminology

I thought I had written it down early this year when I visited the dentist for my root canal. I asked for the terminology used to check the remaining balance I have out of my annual maximum from my dental … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

10/6/2023 Using people's photos for free. I personally don't care about Western privacy law on using faces of others as long as they were taken in public. But since we must abide local laws, here's a site for it: … Continue reading

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Typhoon, Cyclone and Hurricane


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101 Javascript Must Know

Or basics in programming in general Read quite a few TLDR articles on programming management lately. One thing I'm sure is that though a senior developer could take on the task of a manager, the vice versa is less … Continue reading

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Weekly-ish updates

Japan allowing copyrighted materials for A.I. training. This is interesting in that I have always stand against the whole world on this: That there is no such thing as intellectual properties. I just never thought of it coming from the … Continue reading

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A quick view on Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode

It's interesting how its sensor looked for nearby cars.

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Weekly Journal

My Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (bought in 2021) died last week while swimming. I should have stopped messing with it when it was doing weird reboot as if water leaked in. Now it's likely totaled. Nana bought Galaxy Watch 5 … Continue reading

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Zebra ZXP Series 1 ID Card Printer

Ribbon for it is ZEBRA 800011-140 YMCKO Color Ribbon Full Color (Not 800011-147 half color). Specs for PVC ID Card: pvc card cr80 .30 mil This is for my NYGC Work.

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