Geovision 800 GV-AView App on new Samsung S8+ showing only "Loading"

No video Streaming, stuck at "Loading".

Solution via online support page(top right corner of page "Enter Live Chat"), Christine:

  1. close GV main software.
  2. Go to C:\GV-800\WebTemp and delete all jpg & gif files (do not worry about its subfolders such as ..\images, etc.)
  3. run main software again and connect via android app.
  4. It works!

PS: Prior to this, we tried two methods (which weren't the solutions for me):

  1. on main software > Network > Check GeoHttp under Server tab & Mobile tab, check jpeg under JPG tab. In my case, they were already checked. Didn't work.
  2. use to test if server ports: 81 (not 80 in my case), 4550, 5550 & 8866 are not blocked by ISP. None are blocked, only port 80 is timed out but I don't use port 80, therefore on the mobile app, I had to enter server ip as instead. Though port field is 8866.

The chat script is in my Yahoo email box. Very impressed by the tech support.



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