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Dental Insurance Terminology

I thought I had written it down early this year when I visited the dentist for my root canal. I asked for the terminology used to check the remaining balance I have out of my annual maximum from my dental … Continue reading

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Have I Been Squatted URL Website

This is interesting. Came across this TLDR news about a site that can help you detect squatters to your domain. It takes a given domain and tests it against a ton of permutations of possible domain names that look similar … Continue reading

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Weekly-ish updates

Japan allowing copyrighted materials for A.I. training. This is interesting in that I have always stand against the whole world on this: That there is no such thing as intellectual properties. I just never thought of it coming from the … Continue reading

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The 2023 Trip Home

4/17 Monday (NJ time) The last time we went home was in 2017. This time, 6 years later, for family financial reason in Indonesia, I’m typing on the flight towards Frankfurt in SIA (Singapore Airline’s SQ25). Currently 4 hours away … Continue reading

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Reformed Forum had a live interview today with the two authors (Cory Brock, Nathaniel Sutanto) of their book, Neo-Calvinism, My question posted in the meet did not get answered: Hopefully not going too off topic, but since we mentioned "Eschatology … Continue reading

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Sunday Service Recap - 10/30/2022

Sermon on Colossians 4:7-15 Reflection verse: Philippians 2:1-3 v. 14: [Interesting that Calvin does not identify Luke here as the Evangelist, noting that the Evangelist would be too well known to stand in need of such a designation.] Demas here … Continue reading

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Hot Water Heater Replacement

Last Friday. 10/7. Done by Bill Leary. Dan's team (two extra guys, one black the other younger Hispanic/black looking). Works great now. Call was made two days ago, Charged deposit $89 over the phone. Bryan was sent the next day … Continue reading

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Extra Calvinisticum

This has been brought up in my discussion with Alex on the Impeccability of Christ before and other minor issues. But I wasn't paying attention to the term until I came across the Reformed Forum Podcast on it. Bought the … Continue reading

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Dream: After effect of Vacationing with Tom's Family

Last night I dreamed probably still on vacation with Tom's family. But I only remember Tom and Brian. And the only thing left in my memory was my home in Penang, where I tried to change or something in my … Continue reading

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Bible Study: 2 Samuel

This study was originally inspired by my access to Sermons on 2 Samuel by John Calvin, translated by Douglas Kelly. I used to go to the library to transcribe this. But now that I have bought the book, which is … Continue reading

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