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Journal of the Week

2/28/2024 I asked about quality Xun 埙 (ancient chinese ocarina) before on youtube a while back. The one I have from Ebay back in 2019 was $6 (8-hole clay) after watching 鹿晗's series: 择天记. I believe it was out of … Continue reading

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Classical Pieces I should at least master

Piano Chopin:Nocturnes, Op.9 No.1 in B Flat Minor No.2 in E flat24 Preludes, Op.28 - 4.Largo in E- Erik Satie:Gymnopédies Domenico Scarlatti: Schumann: Kinderszenen, Op.15, 1.Von fremden Landern und Menschen (Of Foreign Lands and People) 7.Traumerei (Dreaming)Album für die Jugend, … Continue reading

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Learning Hebrew

Both modern and Biblical here. But not sure how I will determine the difference. Duolingo has a crappy (not all are voiced) lesson on Hebrew, but that's the best so far as far as organized free lesson goes. Keyboard Layout:

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Journal of the Week

12/21/2023 Software Programming Developer jobs Salary overview of 2023: A great site that shows the highest pay in U.S. and Europe, etc. Managerial role of these could go as high as 500k-1mil. 12/20/2023 Interestingly, for the first time, two companies … Continue reading

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GCC Sunday Services 11/16 to 12/3 (catching up from past weeks)

11/26 Sermon on 1 Corinthians 3:11-17. A building of straw is listed in the pastor's bullet points under II. Wasted Life. However, I must have dozed of during the sermon as I don't remember what he said. I would be … Continue reading

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Chinese History Summary from Video Series: 中国通史

A supposedly well made 100 episode documentary. Forwarded from mom. 中華通史100集.由古至今的朝代興衰,可以看看參考。 只要花75小時,即可看盡中國四千年歷史的興衰,非常非常值得。全部100集都在這裡了,按照目錄,想看那一集,隨挑隨看。 CCTV6紀錄片《中國通史》目錄:第01集 中華道路第02集 中華先祖第03集 農業起源第04集 文明起源第05集 邦國時代第06集 夏王朝覓蹤第07集 殷商興亡第08集 商代文明第09集 武王克商第10集 周公攝政第11集 周王室的衰落第12集 春秋爭霸第13集 孔子第14集 列國變法第15集 戰國七雄第16集 諸子百家第17集 秦國崛起第18集 秦始皇統一中國第19集 楚漢戰爭第20集 郡國並行第21集 文景之治第22集 漢武帝第23集 兩漢經學第24集 昭宣政治第25集 王莽改制第26集 光武中興第27集 … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

12/7/2023 Vectorized Emoji library for the web. Sliced Text Effect (demo included) - animation as you scroll down the webpage. Fun for long pages. How to build a Javascript Framework by Nolan Lawson. At least someone cared to explore this. … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

8/30/2023 Web UX guide 8/29/2023 Ai tools for programming: Reflection: September is coming. It marks the last time Stephen Tong STEMI will host their rally in East Coast (or entire) USA. I will be going to as much of the … Continue reading

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Saving Bridgewater

Of course, the prayer is not for God to save lost soul in a sense that I should rather pray for God to reveal his elects in this work, if he is willing. This is not of PCA nor of … Continue reading

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On Music: Does Key Signature Matter

A good start maybe from here which I came across in my online search. The other parts of music theory is obvious of their quality, but whether if it matters which key a music is composed in, often becomes a … Continue reading

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