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Journal of the Week

8/30/2023 Web UX guide 8/29/2023 Ai tools for programming: Reflection: September is coming. It marks the last time Stephen Tong STEMI will host their rally in East Coast (or entire) USA. I will be going to as much of the … Continue reading

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Saving Bridgewater

Of course, the prayer is not for God to save lost soul in a sense that I should rather pray for God to reveal his elects in this work, if he is willing. This is not of PCA nor of … Continue reading

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On Music: Does Key Signature Matter

A good start maybe from here which I came across in my online search. The other parts of music theory is obvious of their quality, but whether if it matters which key a music is composed in, often becomes a … Continue reading

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Learning Thai Language

I'll have the 44 consonants chart below (not the extra 32 vowels), based on this video: 5 tones in Thai: mid, low, falling, high, rising Keyboard layout:

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Learning Arabic Language

A good start from the alphabet Then learn to write and type Arabic. Then some vocabulary. Keyboard layout:

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Is Going Solar Worth it?

There seems to be more and more incentives from the state end federal to encourage homeowners install solar panels on their roofs: Tax credit 30%, Transition Renewable Energy Certificate (TREC), free roof replacement program? Many utility companies even our JCP&L … Continue reading

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Hiber3D - Building interactive 3D Worlds on the web the easy way

I was going to look into UNITY3D, UNREAL Engine. But I think this one is likely easier and more motivating: You can publish it at Hiberworld or at your own site and there apparently are plenty of "artists" using … Continue reading

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Chinese Puzzle: 曹操的步步驚心

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Learning Astrophotography

Stacking is a common terminology in this field. A good start for tutorial With the EVScope (purchased in March 2020 for around $3k with backpack), battery died due to long term abandonment (supposed to keep charge at most every two … Continue reading

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DIY: Arduino Project on Water Level Sensor

Thinking of making a water level detection for my aquarium/dehumidifier that can send readings to online via POST data over WiFi. Items ordered:- Ebay: Arduino clone WeMos D1 CH340 WiFi Size Development Board ESP8266 ESP-12F Fit For Arduino UNOR3 4MB- … Continue reading

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