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Journal of the Week

6/7/2024 Today Mr. You's video mentioned Hunter Biden having "affair" with his late brother's wife as a no no. So I looked up what I thought is a cultural shock and responded in his comment: 夫兄弟婚在基督教影響的國家是鼓勵的,所以不需以儒家思想看待。 汉族传统上不鼓励夫兄弟婚,特别是儒家兴起之后,社会舆论认为这是乱伦的一种,并立法禁止。明朝法律规定,娶父、伯、叔寡妇者判斩首,娶寡兄嫂或弟媳者判绞死[2]。清朝也有类似的法律[3]。Source: Wikipedia on 夫兄弟婚. … Continue reading

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