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Journal of the Week

I think sometimes I should call these entries Journal of the Month instead of Week, seeing that the weekly entries are often more than a week. 6/1/2024 Modernism vs. True Christianity (Hebrews 2:3): To the Post-Modernists: Christianity = ethics. Salvation … Continue reading

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Vocabulary:朱门酒肉臭 路有冻死骨

Rich doors have rotten wine and steak; while the streets are filled with frozen corpses. The rich vs. poor. 出自唐代杜甫的《自京赴奉先县咏怀五百字》

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On Pressing Charges

This news I came across where a professor (Dr. William Burke - funny that there's another William Burke, who passed away, accused of child sexual abuse, who later died in a house fire in 1995) was assaulted by a man … Continue reading

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Sunday Services (Past few weeks reflections)

5/19/2024 I think there are more non-reformed claiming to be reformed in America. They follow narrow-minded fundamentalists ideology of "reformed = simply biblical". I speak this from my experience in my current church. I ought to watch myself, for dealing … Continue reading

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偷工减料, 技术债务 =(Technical debt)

偷工减料, 技术债务 =(Technical debt), material debt? => Technical and material debt.

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Journal of the Week

5/23/2024 Every time I hear news about attacks by the homeless in liberal states such as CA, incompetence in catch and release of criminals, victimizations of landlords, uncontrolled immigration, etc. I thought, these are major fails that Trump could have … Continue reading

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Sproul on the Problem of Evil - The Origin of Evil - he doesn't know

Last Thursday, Steve from church asked me to watch this talk by Sproul on what is Evil, after some discussion on the pre-fall perfection of Man.So I finished it (1 hour video) in 20 mins - 3x speed on average, … Continue reading

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Making money out of Crypto Coding

This field is unknown to me when it's introduced by Queens College Zoom hybrid on Etherium Nodes Blockchain coding and technology. The likes of Joshua Gottlieb founder of LendVest were present. Main focus of all these is on security. A … Continue reading

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