What's Happening until now

China leading ahead USA. According to my dad's favorite New York Youtuber, Mr. You:

It seems that this is based on the number of billionaires between Beijing and New York City. NYC (99) lost to Beijing (100) in 2020.

Stephen Tong in his recent sermon has already warned young people (or parents) against studying/moving abroad to USA, due to the failing Christendom there.

Seeing dying fish on the beaches in our area had puzzled me for around a year now. I thought they were shads. But according to the news, they are menhaden. Apparently it wasn't a mystery just for me, many had wondered if it had to do with low oxygen levels in the water, but scientists are saying that the Vibrio bacteria is to be blamed. This makes me fear more of our nearby water, definitely not fishing here until I tested the water myself or something. I feel sorry for those still fishing by the water fronts. Perhaps they did it just for sports, not for food.

After one week of hiatus from swimming, I'm back to LA Fitness this morning (Thursday), first day I am able to work it out with Greg to just come into office twice, instead of thrice a week, while work the rest of the days from home, like the others. That's at least $380-$212 = $168 NJ transit train savings. Now I just have to work it out with Nadia's Flexpass (the Transit's new pandemic deal of 20 tickets for 20% off for 30 days), to save even more. If I could reduce it to just one day in office a week, not only would I save (roughly $212-$106=$106) more, I may actually be able to get my desk station back because Rudy wouldn't need to be there on the day I come in (Social Distancing). But Greg was right, we need a way to retain a backup in case one goes off for vacation. Oh well, I guess as IT, one still can't fully work from home (WFH). Well, at least I get to improve my butterfly stroke today. My lesson in the dolphin stroke had been interrupted when I was little while being trained in USM. Why? I don't remember, perhaps just a matter of late timing. My only tutor in this favorite stroke of Michael Phelps is Youtube. It is indeed to most exhausting stroke. There is kick twice per arms dive/swing method that works, but I think I should pursue kick-swing-kick-swing method as well. Thus far, I clocked my records at: 20 secs for 25m

Made me looked up the USM swimming pool (50m x 25m). Ah what memories I had, my parents would bring me and my brother, we would bring a large thermos of hot Milo, which tasted 10 times better after an exhaustive swim (or water play), we would drink it by the stair-bench on the left shown below:

Exterior photography — Jordan Lye Photography

The USM pool definitely looks smaller than I imagined. Yup, like my dad said, when you grow up, things you used to remember will seem smaller.

I have rekindled my interest in Astronomy yet again, after trying out the EVScope a few months ago and then stopped due to cold weather and not able to get out of Bortle scale high than 6, 7. I'll just do it with my binoculars for most parts for now. Astrophotography will have to wait a bit, though it is not too distant away, I hope. So below is the Spring sky of 4/8/2021 around 10PM in our backyard in South Amboy:

Backyard Observation, 4/8/2021, around 10PM, South Amboy, NJ. Labeled ones are seen by naked eyes, unlabeled ones are found via binoculars, i.e. the stars in Corona Borealis.

When some trashed Ravi Zacharias' books after the slander becomes real, I thought like what most with some brain think, that you listen to what they preach you don't do what they do. Even that, I thought, that any minister who love writing books more than preaching (real life confrontation) already have problem. Now, I look at these kinds of books burners as idol worshippers. I don't buy books to show support or admiration, unlike them.

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  1. timlyg says:

    2024-02-15 Astronomy Backyard observation
    Clear night, cold to 25F.
    Naked-eye stars observed, seems to be less than before in April 2021 (was it because of street light pollution?):
    Orion: Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix
    Taurus: Aldebaran
    Auriga: Capella, Elnath
    Gemini: Pollux, Castor, Alhena
    Ursa Minor: Polaris, Kochab
    Ursa Major: Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Alioth, Mizar, Alkaid
    Bootes: Arcturus
    Virgo: Spica
    Leo: Denebola, Zosma, Algieba, Regulus
    Hydra: Alphard
    Canis Minor: Procyon
    Canis Major: Sirius

    Unistellar EVScope 51 min shot at M51 Whirpool galaxy.

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