The History of Spain - Isabel I TV Series

In learning Spanish (through, one of the resources is the Spanish TV series Isabel (2011-2014).

I was almost lost as to who's who in the first episode until I came across this nice little summary of the era. The series is about the famous first queen of Spain - Isabel, or Isabella I. But the story began with King Enrique IV (Henry IV) in Spain. Who was like his father King Juan II (John II), known to be homosexual. Juan II and Alvaro de Luna's homosexual relationship is most well known. Alvaro is also known to be rather talented in running the country.

King Enrique IV was seen as rather useless and in his failed attempt to have a male heir (homosexual and possibly impotent), there was wide rumor that his daughter Juana (Joan) after divorcing the first and married the second wife Joana, was actually from Beltran de la Cueva. This rumor led to a war that would eventually enthrone Isabel. Enrique was later deposed by Isabel's brother Alfonso.

The prudish Isabel was Enrique IV's half sister. Her mother had Alvaro executed. Isabel was later the mother of the famous Catherine of Aragon who married King Henry VIII.

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