Sunday Service 2022-07-24

Sunday School - on Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 10 & 20. The pastor kept on focusing against Christian Nationalism, which I agree. But what's missing is the distinction between Christian Nationalism and Christian Influenced Nation. First one is bad, second one is good.

Question was asked by pastor's father: What is the common ground in non-Christian cultures in relationship to God/morality?
Hammurabi was brought up as an answer multiple times to refute human goodness. But what's lacking are these:
- Image & Likeness of God (need to worship, unlike animals), ability to judge, recognizing eternity/justice to some extend, totally depraved but not utterly depraved. (The pastor brought up total depravity but he used "different degree of depth" in depravity)

Paradoxical living (something Pak Tong brought up often, but apparently foreign to most American as I have observed):
- Beer Commercial (drink everyday) "Living only for the weekend is not living" mentioned as a point of ridicule but not discussed in-depth: Everyday real living => Yes & No = real enjoyment vs. drinking, playing, etc.
- Christian Influenced Nation vs. Christian Nationalism
- Cross is where the opposites were found: Shame and glory.

Not quite relevant to the day, but I want to be reminded of how this pastor often uses words that are not quite the meaning of the accepted consensus:
- Judge, judgement = condemnation.

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