On researching the 10 lost tribes of Israel (from last Friday's Bible study on 2 Samuel) I stumbled on the fact that there are people who actually believe that the Japanese are descended from the Jews. Though a fringe theory.

The more one knows, the more one fellowships well with others. This know, is not textbook knowledge, not even really IQ. But this knowledge I am talking about is one's own thesis. Original. New. Unheard of. Not for the itchy ears of course. Not copied nor put for show. I observed many, David Tong included, in fact virtually all on Facebook, that because their "IQ" is more of a references and citations of others' works, they cannot engage properly with others in the manner of fellowship, much less someone further away from the circle they limit themselves to. This is far different that those like Stephen Tong, who's apparently even more busy than Tim Keller, yet, this busy schedule of his has never let others down in fellowship, even from far away. I was even shocked when he requested to talk to him when Nadia and I visited the Jakarta church for the first time, true, there may have been others whispering my name in his ears, nevertheless, I wish I had recorded the prayer he did with us after a quick chat in his "office" (don't remember where it was).

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