Learning German Language

Lingopie is not enough for proper learning. Just vocabularies. Grammar is needed. A good start is here: https://storylearning.com/learn/german/german-tips/basic-german-grammar

I am beginning to get this CASES stuff I first encountered in Latin.


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  1. timlyg says:

    Learn Grammar in Questions:
    Where (Wo, Wohin, Woher)
    Who (Wer, Wen, Wem, Wessen)
    When (Als, Wenn, Wann)
    What (Was)
    How (Wie)
    Why (Warum-why, Wieso-how so, Weshalb-on behalf of what, Weswegen-because of what)
    What for (Wozu)

    Sesame Street song on Wieso, Weshalb, etc.:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzsIXqfWy0w

  2. timlyg says:


    Abgemacht = it's a Deal (settled)
    Beförderung = promotion
    Gemüse = vegetables
    gestern = yesterday
    langsam = slowdown
    natürlich = of course
    Tut Mir leid = I'm sorry
    Unbedingt = absolutely

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