On last two Sunday Worships (8/28 & 9/4)


Sermon: Col 2:20-3:4

I was wondering where he inserted love from this passage. After consulting Calvin's commentaries, it may be in verse 23 that the pastor derived he bigger topic from, that is love. Although, when he brought up the fact that it is not fair for spouse to ask another: Why do you love me? Because the right answer would simply be "Because I just do", it is tad shallow. For we cannot avoid choosing based on criteria. Now the criteria maybe closer or further from eternal qualities, but they are conditions we have to use nonetheless. Just like judging, there is no way to avoid judging as a human, it is the very gift God has bestowed upon us. To speak of this otherwise is absurd: i.e. I just love you, no condition, if someone else landed before me, she would have been my spouse instead.


Sunday School: WCF 16 Good Works
@26:00 I find that Luke 17:10 is very lacking in the discussion. "useless" servant => the analogical pen. David Tong once puts it perfectly: It's 100% us, and also 100% God. I would add "100% God first".

@32:00 After I brought up the Parable of the Talents, I find that Matthew 5:16 is very lacking. Though briefly mentioned "if done in Jesus' name, it's premium". The lacking part is the goal is how our light causes others to glorify the Father.

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