Dentist Visit - Root Canal Needed

My LR6 (#30) finally cracked/chipped due to biting on hard stuff (probably the crumb from the fried pompano fish in the morning. Nadia called Eleni for help and we were referred to her Basking Ridge's RidgeFamilyDentistry. Dr. Cross was very friendly and it was painless when she took out the chipped piece (I brought home for souvenir) after a quick x-ray and a molding (in case a crown is needed) and patched up temporarily so that I could do the root canal tomorrow morning at 11am. Paid $98, $117 should be covered by insurance, if not, we get billed.

I am grateful that my dentist had the front desk called several endodontists to schedule for a root canal, as my dentist wouldn't want to do this due to complicated nerves in my tooth, knowing also that I am leaving for Asia on Monday. They went from a 7am Monday schedule to Friday 11am (MID JERSEY ENDODONTIC GROUP in New Brunswick).

The root canal would be $2k if out of my own pocket. We may try to look for a couple of dentists Nadia know in Chinatown NYC tomorrow, if they are cheaper, etc. As this is unknown territory for me, I can only pray after limited reviews found online.

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