Bible Study: 1 Kings

This is mainly following the Chinese church 湖東基督教會 LECC small group 恩友团契 in Seattle which I remote in every Friday night at 11pm.

Since the suggested material used (BSF 2023 Spring - People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided) doesn't start until chapter 11 of 1 Kings, our resources for the first 10 chapters are pretty much arbitrary, nobody knows who's using what sources when it's their turn to lead the study. So it's rather risky business in addition to this rotating Bible leading roster. But since there aren't many good Chinese Bible studies/fellowships out there that I could really rely on, this would have to do for now.

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  1. timlyg says:

    Chapter 1
    Here we see that the Levitical priesthood has not only been restricted to Aaron, but through David's declaration, all the way down to Zadok (affirmed in Ezekiel 40:46, 43:19, 44:15, 48:11) since the demise of Eli's two sons. Zadok became the first high priest of the first temple built by Solomon.

    v.6: It appears that King David doesn't really rebuke his sons, particularly Adonijah here. Would the king be the kind of person who only gets angry when he's about to make and kill his enemy? Has he never rebuke with the self prepared reservation for mercy?

  2. timlyg says:

    Chapter 2

  3. timlyg says:

    Chapter 3

  4. timlyg says:

    Chapter 4

  5. timlyg says:

    Chapter 5

  6. timlyg says:

    Chapter 6
    I was tasked to lead this chapter. I only did a summary on the idea of temple. And played 3 videos I found on Youtube regarding the Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple (First) and Herod's Temple (second and last) and briefly mentioned the Temple in Ezekiel's vision (Ezekiel 40-48). I also showed illustrations of the items in the temple(s) and Tabernacle as meaning and comparison, very briefly. I have this all in the Temple folder of my Library drive. Good thing they all enjoyed this easy prep.

    Tabernacle of Moses

    Solomon's Temple

    Jerusalem Temple at the Time of Jesus

  7. timlyg says:

    Chapter 7
    It seems that some wish to make a big deal how bad Solomon was for spending more time building his palace (13 years) than the temple (7 years). I do not think that's a fair and wise way to interpret scripture, but I didn't make a big deal out of it, merely mentioned that I have doubts about such take.

  8. timlyg says:

    Chapter 8

  9. timlyg says:

    Chapter 9

  10. timlyg says:

    Chapter 10

  11. timlyg says:

    Chapter 11
    Why Solomon failed? Stephen Tong answered this before:
    Q&A for 聖經·神學·護教
    #32. 為什麼所羅門在還沒有得著神的智慧以前會智慧地向神求恩呢?而得了神賜下的智能以後反而愚笨的去試驗智能呢?


  12. timlyg says:

    Chapter 12

  13. timlyg says:

    Chapter 13

  14. timlyg says:

    Chapter 14
    Jeroboam was promised 1 King 11:38 (为你立坚固的家,像我为大卫所立的一样) vs. God spoke to Moses 我要向他们发烈怒,将他们灭绝,使你的后裔成为大国 Exodus 32:10.
    Compare Jeroboam's treatment of different prophets in chapter 13 and chapter 14?

    v.2 Why pretend to be someone else?

    v.13 Why a faithful son is sick til death? while other sinners lived?

    Rehoboam humbled himself for a little bit after the defeat by Egyptian (2Chronicles 12:12)

    Is being a king so bad? (Every king is a chance to serve God, how do we serve with right attidude?)

    How do we get idols today?

  15. timlyg says:

    Chapter 15

  16. timlyg says:

    Chapter 16

  17. timlyg says:

    Chapter 17

  18. timlyg says:

    Chapter 18
    This is the true great revival ~ Stephen Tong.

  19. timlyg says:

    Chapter 19

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