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Plants Basics

Fertilizer: NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium = Shoots, Roots, Fruits.

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Scripture on Trinity - by Stephen Tong

Shown in Hebrews 1:8-9 喜爱公义,恨恶罪恶的上帝是圣子 用喜乐油膏(Acts 10:38)你 - 喜乐油就是圣灵。 上帝用上帝来膏上帝:圣父上帝,用圣灵上帝,来膏圣子上帝

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Journal of the Week

4/3/2024 I've decided to purchase the Celestron NexStar 8SE after seeing it on sale $1.1k for used, on Adorama site. Probably from demo. This article on using this scope for astrophotography was helpful. This would be my 4th telescopes (Celestron … Continue reading

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Visiting Detroit, Michigan: 3/21 (Thu) - 3/25 (Mon)

Since Nadia is away, what better opportunity to visit places I would go but not her. A quick search last week showed good airline deals for Louisiana and Detroit. I think I lost the Louisiana deal very quickly so it … Continue reading

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Chee Cheong Fun Sauce Recipe

These 5 ingredients seem to work well: sprinkle the whole thing with fried shallots. Source:

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Stephen Tong on Biblical Calling of God

It seems that the 3 pointers Tong used to give were not recorded by me. And since last Sunday School's topic is on the Will of God, I should really write this down which was way overdue. The 3 verses … Continue reading

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Humming Birds in South Amboy

So I asked around on FB. It turns out this is possible. Possibly in May. Make your own sugar water as opposed to Home Depot/Walmart brands. Change water every week (or everyday per some). Plant red & orange flowers. Suggested … Continue reading

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Critiquing Josh McDowell's Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Stephen Tong criticized heavily Josh McDowell's book: Evidence That Demands a Verdict (铁证待判) - evidential apologetics vs. presuppositional apologetics. Same kind of criticism by all Pressup folks like Sye Ten Bruggencate, Van Til, etc. God judges you, you don't judge … Continue reading

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Cheap Flights for Travel lots of controls to filter out what you need at low rates. publishes great deals but you must depend on their selection of places and times.

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Journal of the Week

3/21/2024 NYC perverted law: If squatters lived for 30 days in a house, they are legal residence of the house, the owner who reported them gets herself arrested: 3/20/2024 Receiving Godaddy's Hosting Renewal email reminder $119.88/year for Web Hosting Economy … Continue reading

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