Sunday Service 2023-04-16

Sunday school on Grace Community Church Basic Information - Membership class information.

Great Sunday school even though it's the basic principle for church membership. I made a few notes: stress on ORDER of things upon a regulative principle of the Church and of worship (meaning not party first, entertainment first, etc.)

On church constitution, I do wonder if the 3 forms of unity are added on top of the Westminster standards. Seems like PCA does not use those.

Christ as King and Head mentioned. I feel there's a need to mention Prophet and Priest as well, John Calvin style.

Pastor gave parallelism between Teaching & Ruling elders, Deacons => Trinity. I am curious to look into the biblical cause for differentiating Teaching & Ruling elders.

Apparently the book of church order allows for anyone vetted by leadership of the church can teach a Bible class and even preaching (but not preach regularly) in pulpit.

3 courts in PCA: 1. sessions (elders) = local churches, 2. Presbyteries (districts), 3. General Assemblies.

Pastor is wiling to rebaptize someone should he insists on that himself, but there's only ONE baptism needed.

Membership procedure: meet elders with salvation testimonies.

Sermon on 1 John 1:1-4:
v.2-3 [Eternal life: Many Christians have the wrong idea of heaven, which is actually work-based and therefore treat fellowship with God not that important in heaven when compared to an expectation of self ecstasy in heaven]

Reflection on last Thursday Bible Study regarding the issue on being proud of USA as a safe haven to Christians. Other than the distinction between relative and absolute knowledge of handling this, prayer for the country instead of pride. Respect was the word used that day but I think the motive behind it was still having something to do with pride. Pray is best in this case.


Thank God for bringing Matt, brother of Faith, fiancé of Frank. And also Justin and his large family for visiting though not the first time.

And thank God for Carol for joining us in our Olive Garden lunch.

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