Aquarium Update

07/02/2023 Before any water change (last was done a couple of weeks ago)

Temperature: (Ideal 73-84 F)
Seneye: 86.1 F = 30.06 C

Salinity: (Ideal 34-36ppt / 1.023 to 1.028sg)
39 ppt / 1.029 specific gravity (Converter)

Copper: (Ideal < 0.2 ppm)
Not tested ppm

Ammonia: (Ideal 0 ppm)
Not tested

Nitrite: (Ideal < 0.2 ppm)
Tetra Strip test: 0

Nitrate: (Ideal <5 ppm)
Tetra Strip test: ppm

Alkalinity: (Ideal 8 - 12 dkH)
Hanna: Not tested ppm = dkH

pH: (Ideal 7.8 and 8.5)
Hanna: Not tested

Calcium: (Ideal between 380-450ppm)
Hanna: Not tested

Phosphate:(Ideal SPS 0.01-0.05ppm, stony corals <0.1ppm, generally <0.25ppm)
Hanna: 1.28 ppm

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