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7/20/2023 Looks like I need to learn PostgresSQL as MySQL is now second place:

I came across and posted this on Facebook. Apparently Amazon Prime is showing this series called Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. I have yet to watch this.

For those who are familiar with Bill Gothard's Ministry (IBLP: Institute in Basic Life Principles), especially those in the Baptist communities. Many Chinese church leaders got affected by this as well. I knew something was wrong the moment I noticed he twisted the need for God's grace with instilling in his subjects sympathy and compassion instead. One comes to God from below and humility, the other approaches to God from up high and pride. False humility is the proudest kind of pride.

The Chinese pastor that introduced and promoted Bill Gothard to me erroneously defended him by saying: "But at least nobody got hurt and they have all come to support now." Such view is anti-Gospel at the core, though they may outwardly be Gospel-supporting.

7/19/2023 Before heading out to swim at around 9AM today, I for the first time, found a mouse, dead one, in our house. Looks like a baby mouse stuck in the jacuzzi tub.

7/18/2023 I finally finished this long overdue (been sitting in my email) short video clip of the introduction to Ron Choong's book: Ancient Near East in the Bible: Treasures from the Met Museum. So far, this is the closest material I know for a Christian to use in the Met Museum. I haven't spent much time looking, perhaps there are better Christian resources out there for the Met Museum, or I may look into coming up with such project, if time allows.

7/17/2023 Received Tante Lyna's email about Stephen Tong's East Coast Farewell Gospel Rally. Gave her the materials she asked: mp3 work I did for Hallelujah chorus parts. I also learned that there are better versions out there on Youtube already, with scores in videos. The only thing I cannot promise is joining the choir. Since by experience, CCCNY under Rev. Lin's leadership was a big screw up for the rally back in 2010, which led to my conclusion that she was actually anti-Gospel-centered and more towards moralism, after Michael Liu's exile from U.S., I best keep myself away and watch my steps from anything done through CCCNY. I would also like to know if it was just the Gospel rally or would there be other special talk, which would be better, since it looks like the Gospel Rally is handled by Rev. Lin's team and that's just works of the flesh. I would rather get the recordings instead.

7/24 Update on STEMI Gospel Farewell Rally Choir for the East Coast: I received notice a couple of days before that it is cancelled. This is sad, not for STEMI but for CCCNY the church behind hosting/supporting it. Because this is an asian church in the area of musical talents of the world (i.e. Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, etc.) and yet they couldn't find anyone, after all these years (40+ years). No gospel, no fellowship but mere moralism and business sundays and small wannabe groups.

A personal from experience tutorial/guide to get into Open Source Contribution, from github commit to landing a software job.

Received Dr. RuoJun Huang's Gentle Dental of Edison reminder for dental check-up. There are two things that dissuaded me: 1. She poked my weak tooth (#30, the one which was already cracking and chipped just before our trip back home) even after I told her about it after her cleaning, so hard yet she said: "I don't see anything wrong". I can give her a pass on this, since there are things even the professional cannot tell, I supposed. 2. When I had the tooth chipped, I reached out to her first but her clinic was closed on Thursdays. This makes me decided that she's not too reliable, despite being recommended by Fanny.

It's no likely we are qualified for The Low Income Home Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP), based on this table:

Maximum Monthly Gross Income Eligibility Guidelines

Household SizeLIHWAP Program
2$4,530 (For this, the annual gross would be $54,360)
For each additional personadd $200

Source: DCA 3/14/22

I do wonder how America keeps raising the bar for low-income, sometimes. If $100k is considered low-income, which is the majority of Americans, the future of America is dwindling because it's turning into a socialist state by shaving down the super rich for the benefit of the poor. Charity is the job of individual, not the government. But hey, if they are giving, I'm taking. Just like how we received $1k this past May (for 2019 filling) from the NJ State ANCHOR Benefit (historic new property tax relief program - Affordable NJ Communities for Homeowners & Renters):

ANCHOR eligibility is as follows:
NJ homeowners with income of $150,000 or less will receive $1,500.
NJ homeowners with income of more than $150,000 and up to $250,000 will receive $1,000.
NJ residential renters with income of $150,000 or less will receive $450.

I remember coming across it and realized that we qualified. Despite my disagreement with the concept. I had to change the name from previous owner to mine when I called them up to inquire about this benefit. Since it's already 2023 and the filling is for 2019, I wondered if the Crowleys have been receiving free money for the year before (2018) when we moved in. If so, that's a $1k loss for us and some $ gain for them. Though this program is rather new, enacted in June 2022.

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