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7/31/2023 Came across the late James Randi on FB, the Canadian guy who went about debunking physics, telekinesis, etc. He was raised somewhat Christian but turned Atheist. However, people (especially atheists and magicians) loved him for debunking charlatans such as James Hydrick.

7/26/2023 Another bike ride by Main Street and the second rail road where there's supposed to be a field for me to explore (see map below). But thanks to the short storm yesterday, the field was too wet for my FLX racer bike. I really do need bike gloves and padded butt, the hardness of the bike is can be a pain over 20 mins. I do biking lately thanks to motivation from Gene last week as well as the fact that I lost my -8 dioptre goggles while doing body surfing with Clyde last Friday by Ocean Grove. I believe I did at least one successful body surf and the experience was fun. It was my first. You basically let the wave carry you like a surf board.

While spending the Friday with Clyde in Ocean Grove, the apartment (first floor) gotten through VRBO that they rented for the week had an accident: The kitchen cabinets fell and hit his wife on the head. Though not too serious. I later learned that all the owner did was just to put the cabinets back, without any compensation or discount. Since this is highly unprofessional, I shall note it here for future avoidance: Address is 112 Mount Tabor Way, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756. Looks a bit dated, but had the kitchen cabinets (which was only screwed on with 4 nails) not fallen, it is still livable. Reviews suggested that most guests were happy with the stay, perhaps because they lived upstairs. Regardless, it's best to stay away from such hazardous irresponsibly cared stay by the beach.

Two days ago (7/24 Saturday 1:30pm), I did my first long 26 mile cycling tour in Bridgewater. With church folks. Thanks to Gene who helped organized it and John who is the pro of the land and biking. Great scenic view all 4 of us enjoyed. My FLX bike's fully charged battery ran out in the last mile while Willy's still allegedly 3 bars left.

Willy definitely enjoyed it, despite him not wanting to go the day before when I asked him. Good thing I charged both bikes. I definitely enjoyed the scenic routes and the powered bikes really helped. I don't think I would be able to handle 26 miles of up hills on an mechanical bike. A quick look on FLX Facebook membership site shows that 25-30 miles is indeed the standard of the battery life.

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