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Chinese History Summary from Video Series: 中国通史

There are 100 episodes. Episode 01: 中华道路800BC - 200 AD 轴心时代 (Axial Age): Era of philosophers, Western terminology. Eastern: 百家争鸣。 墨子 (468?BC - 376BC): 「兼愛 unbias love」、「非攻 against war」激进的救世思想 @4:32 风尘仆仆:形容旅途奔波,忙碌劳累 老庄 (道家),是老子和庄子的并称:主张清静无为 (指一切听其自然,人力不必强为。 出自《谏作玉清昭应宫》) Philosophy of same era: To … Continue reading

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Learning Korean Language

From Hangul: Wikipedia source: The chart below shows all 19 consonants in South Korean alphabetic order with Revised Romanization equivalents for each letter and pronunciation in IPA (see Korean phonology for more). Hangul ㄱ ㄲ ㄴ ㄷ ㄸ ㄹ ㅁ ㅂ ㅃ ㅅ ㅆ ㅇ ㅈ … Continue reading

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Learning Japanese Language

From So far I'm relying on Duolingo more. Much Youtube help is needed for pronunciation. The Basics: Hiragana (common) Katakana (for foreign transliteration) Japanese Input Keyboard layout (Microsoft IME, Kana On):

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Journal of the Week

7/31/2023 Came across the late James Randi on FB, the Canadian guy who went about debunking physics, telekinesis, etc. He was raised somewhat Christian but turned Atheist. However, people (especially atheists and magicians) loved him for debunking charlatans such as … Continue reading

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Christian Origin in Korea

Though there are other earlier accounts, the one I remembered most and have now found the detail, is the story about how foreigners carrying loads of bibles were killed and that the bibles were used as wallpapers in Korean homes, … Continue reading

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Weekly Journal

昙花(仙人掌类 Epiphyllum oxypetalum) 蛇鞭柱(Selenicereus grandiflorus) in the category of Night-blooming cereus: Bloom at night, for a very short time. These are also known as Queen of the Night. I looked this up after Tong's video on James reminded me about … Continue reading

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Visiting the Keys, Florida

12/11/2022 Sunday, 30-40F in NJ, we took off with Lyft service ($35 including tips) at 10AM heading for Terminal C United in Newark. 40 min ride. Texted our neighbor Joe about it, we had back and forth about why we … Continue reading

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Geography: Senegal

So because we have Rodney Duttweiller as this week's church mission speaker on Sunday School as well as dinner this Saturday (tomorrow), I figure I'll look up the countries he's supposed to have served in, Senegal and South Africa, before … Continue reading

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Geography: Rwanda

Since one at church is from Rwanda, I figure I would look it up. What's the connection with people there having French name and such. East Africa, bounded by land: Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi & DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) … Continue reading

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The blaming of Joseph: Many loves to blamed Joseph. But was that wrong? According to Tong, (in the new non-translated expository series of John #141), they just don't dare to blame it on God, so they blamed others. Of course, … Continue reading

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