Sunday Service 2023-07-23

Our pastor's out for 2 weeks so the guest speaker today is Rev. Joseph Fischer, of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). Preached on Acts 18:1-11.

claimed NIV has better translation for Acts 18:5. I assumed it's on συνειχετο (devoted himself exclusively - NIV). Though this may be a matter of various Greek Manuscripts (NIV is based on Nestle-Aland's Critical text while KJV basing off of Textus Receptus added the word πνευματι and thus translated to "pressed in/compelled by the spirit"), it made me want to look in to building a list of where each English version (i.e. NIV, ESV, etc.) trumps the others in translation. On this verse I cannot say as I cannot tell which manuscript is original. I cannot just dismissed NIV or ESV in this case just because they are missing the word "spirit" because devoting oneself exclusively/completely does carry similar tone if not better sometimes, to keep the focus on one's work in the Lord and not being complacent about relying on God too passively. In that sense, I would agree with the preacher.

v. 6 reminded me of Christ's command "Shake the dust off your feet" Mat 10:14.

The preacher claimed that he couldn't do his ministry alone at Rutgers. That is true to some extend, but it is not a standard, something the majority Western have replaced fear for teamwork in Christendom. God could raise up and has risen men alone individually for His purpose.

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