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1/25/2024 Lumiere is google's AI text to video platform with many more features such as image to video, stylized sample to videos, etc. However, as far as I know, this is still in research stage. It's not marketed to the public yet.

Reverse engineering Storyboarding: Someone used AI (ChatGPT) to create a simple storyboard. I had a very basic idea of what storyboard is. By this reverse understanding from the AI usage to create simple storyboard, I think I get a better feel of what it really is about: It does seem to really be a comic artist drawing stories as blueprint of productions (movies, commercials, etc.)

1/24/2024 Using powershell to do Microsoft Office 365 commands: bulk delete user accounts. Quick and easy (the authentication process with powershell has gotten a lot simpler in the script:

Import-CSV D:\ADSample\AllUsers.csv | Foreach-Object { Remove-AzureADUser -ObjectId $_.UserPrincipalName }

Received the annual Tax Assessor's 2024 assessment of our property:
From $7728.16 to $8133.79, that's 5.2% increment. But seeing how we are receiving the NJ ANCHOR check of $1000 for "low income" family (which I had to manually apply a couple years ago) annually automatically, starting last year, and we did get the check, I'm not going to complain too much about this, but I should pay attention to the rate of property tax increase.

1/22/2024 Can Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies be tracked? PhD Sarah Meiklejohn appears to have solved the anonymity of such. The work is too deep for me, so I'm not going to look into it. But if this is true, then the popularity of Cryptocurrencies may drop significantly. Not necessarily completely, because Crypto is still good for decentralization, but who's to say that the governments won't use Meiklejohn's work and the likes to crack down on not only anonymity but also turning something decentralized into centralized with much enforcement. However, if I'm ever skeptical of this, it would probably has something to do with what level of access one has in the blockchains and such to trace or identify the other users, in that the required level of access could be abnormally (you would have to steal, spy, peek, force entry, or something crossing the line of legality or ethic) given in order for the trace to work.

Advice on Resume & LinkedIn profile building. I haven't done much for my resume, much less my LinkedIn profile.

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