Bible Study on All views of Dispensationalism, Millennialism

I've been contemplating between using an infinite canvas or Excel Spreadsheet to build the illustration. I intend to illustrate at least all 4 major views of the millennial eschatology. With Bible verses supporting each views as detail as possible in this infographics. There are already great illustrations out there, but none of them comes with supporting verses, at least I have yet to see one online. So I shall start one, in order to make it easier to refer to the differences in scriptural interpretation in the future.

From Wikipedia: 4 major views: Premillennialism (Post-tribulational vs. Pre-tribulational/Dispensational), Postmillennialism, Amillennialism.

For easier note-taking, I will build the spreadsheet instead of the infinite canvas. I think I can insert new lines easier in Excel than in some canvas. The excel sheet is shared online and will be built based on the above illustration.

Some key terms:

The already = the present blessings of the kingdom of God
The not yet = the eternal blessings of the consummation
example in debates between optimistic postmillenarians vs. pessimistic amillenarians
Amil.: the postmil. are confused about the already and the not yet.

Here's some challenge from folks who think they are both reformed and dispensationalists.

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