About Drinking in Church

Some brought starbucks coffee, etc. And I came across two posts on FB, first one by MERF's pastor Paul Murphy. Second one from a shared post where I answered in two ways (one for original post and the other from the shared):

I agree. However, if you had to say it, perhaps you need to consider deeper. There are churches where you immediately felt the solemnity from the service, yet some others you feel very relaxed, playful, murky, etc. from the music, lighting, tones in sermons, sitting postures & attires on pulpit, etc. So, maybe not too quick to point fingers.

Although in Murphy's case, there are some honest, convicted response:
Nate Kamphuis: Ouch. This past Sunday morning was the 1st and only time I have had coffee in a service, and just happened to be when you were there preaching. I will admit it felt wrong!

Nevertheless, that does not mean I was wrong. In fact, this would only cause further confusion if my point is ignored and become an unnecessary burden for folks like Nate, plunging him into legalism: Because you make God's house feel relaxed enough to sip a coffee with your sermons, the tone of your pulpit and church atmosphere, yet you expect YOUR Word, to be treated as God's word by your listeners instead of the other way around (God's word flowing out of your work), it ultimately shows that you want people to obey you first because you believe you hold the righteous talking stick, whether they love God or not.

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