Question to Ask Dr. Stephen Tong

Perhaps I should prepare some important question(s) to ask Dr. Tong. Since Rev. Laura Lin is very aristocratically keen on introducing people to me, perhaps I may just use this hand of Uzzah for the balance of things, lest my anger gets the better of me.

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  1. timlyg says:

    Why the least useful servants get lesser silvers? He had claimed to have an answer to this.

  2. timlyg says:

    What Dr. Tong's response was after Luis Palau's representative told him that the rally they are promoting - "name-wise, we compromise".

  3. timlyg says:

    When Dr. Tong recalled how tough he had to feed 7 mouths after leaving the board of his old church to start his own ministry/church, he never provided any details.

  4. timlyg says:

    Does God love us more than his Son Jesus, or equal, or less?

  5. timlyg says:

    Since Jesus said there is no marriage in Heaven, what about genders and procreation?

  6. timlyg says:



    天使不知恩典?(1 Peter 1:12)

  7. timlyg says:


  8. timlyg says:

    If someone I preached to wanted me to baptize him, would I be wrong to not baptize him myself but arrange for someone from Tong's church/a proper church who is ordained?

  9. timlyg says:

    In What Manner a Pastor Pastors those who are better than him in church?
    Tong once asked this - Certificate? ordination? etc.
    My answer that I would love to see Tong's reaction on:
    Love. I can't believe such an easy answer took me so long to come up with. The love of a parent. The prodigal son's father's love. The love of a shepherd.

  10. timlyg says:

    Comment on my definition for Theology: How much you love God? How do you love God?

  11. timlyg says:

    Copyright - Intellectual property - I believe the West is wrong about this, but how to clear my head on this?

  12. timlyg says:

    Who is a man/person after your own heart? 您的知心人是谁?
    (Too many claiming close to you, but not really. I would prefer to fellowship with those who think like Tong, shares the same burden, the same line of thoughts, same struggle, etc.)
    Definitely not the ones I know in New York or NJ or the conductor.

  13. timlyg says:

    Now many churches frequently change pastors. It is one thing when a pastor gets kicked out. But what do you think of pastor who constantly leave a church? It could be due to salary, where his children go to college, etc. But the pastor usually doesn't say this, but simply say: God's calling.

  14. timlyg says:

    Any death before the Fall?

  15. timlyg says:

    Question on Altar Call? 如何回应今天美国保守基要派对于呼招altar call 反对?

  16. timlyg says:

    You are a well known preacher now, but was there a time when you disagree with church leaders and not having the authority to speak up? Especially in areas of relativistic (not absolute) matters, such as should we allow presentations in Church services, and other matters. What is the wisdom you can advice me who is not a church leader, especially when I find others lack of discernment between what is absolute and what is relative. Should I speak up, should I keep quiet?

  17. timlyg says:

    New Questions (Not sure if I ever will have the chance to ask him anymore):
    How do you control your anger? Especially when answering stupid questions.

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