Jefferson Bethke

A while back, there was a youtube video that went viral. It is Jeff Bethke's "I hate religion, but love Jesus". Kevin DeYoung attempted a seminary examination on Bethke's poem. Subsequently, he thought Bethke listened to him. Did Bethke do anything about his post though? hmm...

Other prominent Christians from Todd Friel to youtube subscribers, even Catholics, have discerned rightly of Bethke's misuse of terminology in a very straight forward way. That Bethke should have used "Legalism" instead of "Religion"...but I supposed that's too unpopular and boring for Bethke's video promotion.

My favorite response is, unfortunately, from an atheist. @ min 5:30, he has put it rightly by saying Bethke's "Religion" and "Jesus" notion is the same as a marketing scheme if Coca-Cola advertise: hate "Soda", but love "Coke". Aside from being an atheist with many profane language, I give him two thumbs up for rightly pointing out the problem.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tim Keller aligns himself with Bethke or vice versa, which appears to be evident on youtube. My prayer now is on the atheist. There are people with sound mind that needs to submit to Christ.

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