STEMI 500th Reformation Anniversary in NYC

This is great, unfortunately I am not sure if I am able to attend due to my work schedule. Perhaps I could sneak out.

7:30-10PM at the Brick Presbyterian Church on Friday 11/3/2017.

A change of venue is great! The usual CCCNY venue is really pathetic. This should be a celebration, not a funeral ceremony. I remember we had to seriously do a makeover for the wedding and that's why I left the super lights with the church, hoping they use it all the time.

My only comment is on the CCCNY church bulletin, the event is printed as "佈道" Gospel Rally. Which I doubt it is. This is very confusing. Not surprising, but confusing nonetheless. If it is Gospel Rally, then I rally unbelievers; if it's talk like this, I focus on inviting believers. Unlike some, I think it is important to make a clear distinction in such events. Well, unless, all you care about is just to use ministries such as STEMI as  marketing tools for your own church.

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