Weeds Around My House

This will be a botany entry. Time to learn about the botany around my house.

There's this purple flower plants growing around my Pineapple Pear tree when Spring comes. They also grow near my front lawn's Japanese Maple (Red Dragon - Acer palmatum) and Weeping White Cherry Blossom tree. These short purple flower plants are pretty, but unfortunately, they are considered weed. They are called, Purple Deadnettle.

Apparently this weed has medicinal use:
It has multiple medicinal purposes, and is considered a diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent, purgative, and styptic. The fresh leaves are helpful for external wounds or cuts.

Edible leaves:
Only the leaves are edible. In the spring, the young leaf shoots are harvestable and can commonly used within salads. Some people also use it within smoothies. The leaves are also useful as a good tea, which helps treat chills and promote kidney discharge and perspiration.

I thought it was Henbit at first, but it's not. Because the leaves are different. Henbit's leaves look like fingers and rounder.

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