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Growing Grape Vine

Source: Looks legit Does Trimming Grape Vines Produce Bigger Grapes? ByLynn Doxon RELATED ARTICLES Should You Trim New Growth on Grapevines During the Growing Season? How to Prune Domestic Grape Vines Vineyard Trellis Types How Much Pruning Do You Do … Continue reading

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Asian Pear Tree Care

There was a photo I took from the owner of Lee Orchard Garden's phone screen with the "recipe" of how to care for the tree. But I lost it when my phone's mini SDcard was damaged by my frustrating dealing … Continue reading

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2022 Holland Ridge Tulip Tour

Went in the morning 9am-1pm ticket, $13/person, Nadia and I. Huge properties, cars parking in the hundreds if not thousands. But other than color varieties, the beds are basically the same, just many of them. There was a smaller food … Continue reading

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Aquarium Update (6/22/2021): The group of stocks that died...I think

I think the Fluval light helped a bit. PAR is around 50-150 depending on depth. Before the Fluval, the Aqueon light was doing virtually zero, 30 tops and that is out of water very close to the light. The frags … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemon

Supposedly a cross between regular lemon and mandarin/pomelo, from China. Saw this from today's DeerMeatForDinner youtube video (shown below) where some fan sent Krustaez Meyer Lemon Bar Mix to fry his fillet with and they loved it. I wonder how … Continue reading

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What's Happening So far

Reflecting on Legalism - Most Christians commit legalism without even realizing or in denial. When you fall into legalism, you are actually declaring that you are worshipping a limited God. Gardening: From MiddlesexCountyNJ.Gov, listened to composting lecture today, but I … Continue reading

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What's Happening so far

How to remove grass for garden bed? Sod-Cutter: I've doing it the hard way...using a farmer's fork. Very tiresome. I may not be able to afford this Sod-cutter but there are other tools like a sod knife, etc. Principle's the … Continue reading

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Not bad from 8 Passengers:I should do this project as well.

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Fall Foliage 2020

This is the second time we checked it, last Saturday. First time this year was a few weeks back, visiting Greenwood Lake, where I thought we could hike in the foliage West of the lake but parking was a pain … Continue reading

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Weeds Around My House

This will be a botany entry. Time to learn about the botany around my house. There's this purple flower plants growing around my Pineapple Pear tree when Spring comes. They also grow near my front lawn's Japanese Maple (Red Dragon … Continue reading

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