Restaurants near South Amboy or in New Jersey

Burger King on Rt. 9 is not bad, though some times they are unusually slow, not fast food at all. Perhaps their drive through is faster. Also, it's usually better with the weekly/monthly coupons we receive in the mail.

Tried both Vietnamese Pho. The one on Rt. 9 Pho Da Nang is closest to home but too blend and also expensive. The other one on Rt. 34 Pho34 is better (not much ingredient like Pho Da Nang - just meet and noodle basically, but better broth and cheaper). Though they both are very empty, hopefully they or at least one stays in business or be converted to another Asian type restaurant.

Bao Dumpling is not bad. Shanghai Bunis also not bad. But probably Bao Dumpling is better. Better broth.

For Indian: Royal Indian is best, but they raised the Lamb/Goat Biryani rice from $10 to $13.

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