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On Durians

So I didn't really get a chance to taste durians during my recent home trip, but here's an article on differentiating different kinds of durians: TYPES OF DURIANS I AM CRAZY ABOUT Different people crave different varieties of durians. However, … Continue reading

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Weekly Entry

2/25/2023 - Trying to catch up on my daily activities and organizing my journals, as usual when I started slacking. I need to note that I drove to a plaza on Main Street West of us in Sayreville, on Friday … Continue reading

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Weekly Journal

2/14/2023 ways to make money, sign up for All kinds of class-action lawsuits, one maybe actually get paid for, from a few dollars to $100+ according to BeatTheBush video below: 2/10/2023 Went to LFS (Aquatic Obsessions) to get:2x $70 … Continue reading

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Weekly Reflections

2/7/2023 - After hiatus, I am re-disciplining myself on basic book-keeping habit using the Money Lover app (which now has Webapp, for free at the moment). If they go PayApp on me, I'm looking for alternative app or write my … Continue reading

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Weekly Journal

昙花(仙人掌类 Epiphyllum oxypetalum) 蛇鞭柱(Selenicereus grandiflorus) in the category of Night-blooming cereus: Bloom at night, for a very short time. These are also known as Queen of the Night. I looked this up after Tong's video on James reminded me about … Continue reading

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Restaurants near South Amboy or in New Jersey

Burger King on Rt. 9 is not bad, though some times they are unusually slow, not fast food at all. Perhaps their drive through is faster. Also, it's usually better with the weekly/monthly coupons we receive in the mail. Tried … Continue reading

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Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine

The Chinese traditional meds that deals with COVID-19. Even noted by U.S. NIH department. Because of that, after Nadia making me to buy 3 packs of this from the herbs store in Chinatown, I had to look up how Chinese … Continue reading

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Wine and Cheese Pairing

Today my SP company did a virtual Wine & Cheese event. Two bottles (Malbec & Sauvignon Blanc) were sent to me last week, and this week two cheeses (Bucheron & Cheddar). First time enjoying what this is all about. Sample … Continue reading

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Culinary advise from my cousin Grace

I asked her what sauce she was praising that one time in Kam Man Grocery, and she gave me the following: I can roughly understand what the sauce in the picture are, most of them are from the brand "Lee … Continue reading

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Penang Lor Mee Recipe

This should be authentic enough. I shall try this soon: Penang Lor / Loh Mee Recipe (Braised Noodles) From author: The main draw of Lor Mee is its thick and flavorsome broth which is ladled onto yellow noodles and topped … Continue reading

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