The Community of Christ - Not your typical LDS but still, a Mormon group

Came across someone (Joe Simpson) from this 2nd largest Mormon group called The Community of Christ, on Facebook.

Formerly called Reorganized (RLDS) Church of Jesus Christ, CoC broke away from the more popular Brigham Young led LDS following Joseph Smith's death. CoC's leader, Joseph Smith III was only 11 then. It is said that CoC followed mainline Christian doctrine much closer than LDS. In fact, it seems that the CoC worked so hard to align with the main Christian body but accepting Joseph Smith as their prophet as well as the addition of the Book of Mormon (1966 edition) and the Doctrine and Covenants (last updated 2013).

As for anything Mormon related, is a good resource. I'll add it to Projects Category as there's some reading (and listening) about this for me from the site.

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