Cliffwood LA Fitness Swimming Schedule

5/31/2023 7:20pm Wednesday (Worst I've seen, all 3 lanes occupied with at least 2 people. My lane added a third person after me and that guy doesn't even know much about swimming. When I cut short my time to get out, lots of oily body "Indians" came looking for a swim, I think they're looking for ways to have fun and showing of their muscular training. So, 7pm is perhaps not a good time for a swim, not especially after Spring. Although, not to mention that Holmdel LA Fitness' pool is currently shutdown and they kept postponing repair. Holmdel used to be better at pool facility before they stopped servicing. Right now, the best and closest facility is the Edison one, but that's 15-20 mins away, compared to Cliffwood's 6 min drive.

6/3/2023 7pm Saturday 2 swimmers in each of 3 lanes, including myself. Holmdel's pool is still closed.

6/12/2023 4pm Monday No one in the pool, but soon filled up around 4:30pm.

6/15/2023 10pm Thursday No one but me. Then a guy named Hasan came to ask swimming lesson from me at the end.

6/19/2023 7am Monday From 3 people to 6 people in the pool over the hour.

New stats will be entered in the comments and edited in this online Excel sheet.

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  1. timlyg says:

    Went today at 9pm, about 2 each lane, so 6 total. There were about two others on standby. 2-3 weren't really swimming as they were quite heavy doing their physio-like walk in the pool. About 3 were left swimming after I left the gym around 10pm. Ordered Wawa: Oven Roasted Turkey (cold) breadless for $5.33 tax included. For the price, no complaints. Though I would value it around $2 homemade.

  2. timlyg says:

    7/1/2023 3pm Saturday
    About 3 people.

    7/6/2023 12pm Thursday
    about 1-2 people.

    7/10/2023 1pm Monday
    2 swimmers. I was there around 12:40pm and there were about 6 people, but they were not all for lap swim. Two young guys showing off their muscles, one frequent fat old guy walking in the pool, while the rest were trying to swim as old ladies.

  3. timlyg says:

    7/14/2023 12pm Friday
    2 swimmers average.

    7/19/2023 9am Wed
    4-5 people, including one elderly lady not really swimming.

  4. timlyg says:

    7/28/2023 7pm Friday
    2-4 swimmers

    8/3/2023 6pm Thursday
    1 swimmer. This was during the Aqua Fitness class session. There were 6 old ladies doing their aqua acrobatic thing on only one lane. I asked their teacher and she said I could use the other two lanes as long as I don't splash. I was the only swimmer when the last simmer left the moment I jumped in. Perhaps this is the best time to swim. Also, I called and Holmdel's pool's finally reopened.

  5. timlyg says:

    I stop logging this for the time being because the Holmdel swimming pool has finally reopened (about two weeks ago) and some swimmers have gone back there apparently.

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