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Japan allowing copyrighted materials for A.I. training. This is interesting in that I have always stand against the whole world on this: That there is no such thing as intellectual properties. I just never thought of it coming from the intervention of A.I. Although from the article, Japan was more about ambition than making sense in this case.

6/21/2023 Today marks the Summer Solstice:

An equinox (equal night) occurs at the start of the spring and fall. The solstice occurs during the summer and the winter. In 2023, occurs on March 21 (Vernal equinox) and on September 23 (Autumnal equinox). Occurs on June 21(Summer Solstice) and on Dec 22 (Winter Solstice).

There's storms and rain forecasting this week and the next. And I have to drive to do my root canal at Ridge Family Dentistry at 11AM tomorrow, 6/22. Hopefully the road would not be too drench. This would be my last visit for the permanent crowning. The last stage. I need to tell my dentist that the crown needs to be shaving down more as I could feel that my current temporary crown is being hacked by the upper teeth and it is touched first than my left side teeth when jaw is closed. Perhaps I need to do some orthodontia for teeth alignment. Perhaps the orthodontia should happen after the removal of my wisdom teeth, two at lower jaws at the very least. Upper jaw wisdom teeth don't seem to be presenting any trouble for now. I should ask my dentist regarding the order of these procedures (orthodontia or wisdom teeth first?)

I believe the long trouble of my back teeth and coughing were caused by the wisdom teeth, which impacted the adjacent teeth and also opened up some gum around them due to the push. This may also explain my jaw very temporal sore/hurt since years ago especially when I chew on this after long rest. I do feel that the Ridge Family Dentistry is a bit far (50 min drive) but it was an emergency in April when I chipped my tooth and Nadia's trusted one is the one Eleni whom she trust recommended. I'm also supposed to return to my endodontist (the one who drilled my tooth) in a year at Mid Jersey Endo, New Brunswick. But I am unsure if I should do so, would it be free? Probably not.

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